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Kitchen surface cleaner with no residue

Low foaming nature conserves water

Product Code: CIJ 6/18-1320
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Megamorph Marketing Pvt Ltd’s Careclean Kitchen Multiclean has a unique all-in-one formula that helps you clean all kitchen and food surfaces on a daily basis. The formula is safe for use on all surfaces and gives you a single solution for routine maintenance of floors, tables, counters, vessels, glass and many other surfaces. The product is formulated with zero fragrance to ensure that no residue transfers onto the food and is also low foaming in nature to conserve water.

Recommended dilution:

  • 20 ml per litre for daily and routine cleaning
  • 50 ml for heavy purpose cleaning and vessel washing


  • Mopping: Dose chemical as per above dilution into 5 litres of water in a bucket and mop surface thoroughly. Do not rinse. Replace water and chemicals for every 2000 sq ft.
  • Scrubbing Machine: Dose chemical as per above dilution and use the machine as per standard procedure. Do not rinse.
  • Surface Cleaning: Dose chemical into a spray bottle as per recommended dilution. Spray onto the surface and wipe clean with dry microfibre cloth. Replace cloth every 48-96 hours.
  • Vessel wash: Dilute chemical as above into suitable bowl and use non-abrasive scrub pads to wash loosely and lightly soiled vessels. Use CareClean Utensil Cleaner Plus/Zero for superior oil cutting properties.


  • pH: 9.0 – 10.0 (Neat)
  • Flashpoint: Not flammable
  • Specific gravity: 1.00 – 1.03 @ 250C


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