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KitchenOil stains and spatters over a period of time form a film on the kitchen walls and challenging to remove. Buzil-Rossari Pvt Limited has come up with grease and protein releaser Bistro G 435 for effectively removing protein, oily and greasy dirt from kitchen wall s and areas near gas oven.

Greasy wall in Kitchen

  • For maintenance cleaning and intensive cleaning of alkali-resistant materials, floors and surfaces
  • Suitable for use in areas handling foodstuffs such as production facilities, large kitchen and gastronomy.
  • Suitable for foam cleaning on vertical surfaces
  • Removes heavy oil, grease and protein soil


  • Before-cleaning-After-cleaning-with-Bristo

    Before cleaning After cleaning with Bistro

    High grease and protein mulsifying action
  • Excellent cleaning performance
  • Stabile foam structure allows good adhesion
  • Suitable for use in low pressure and high pressure cleaning machines and a foam gun
  • Fast separating in accordance with ONORM B 5105
  • Toxicity properties comply with requirements for areas handling foodstuffs

Technical data

pH value: 12.5 – 13.5
Product color: Yellow
Packing drum size/ unit: 12 x 1 bottle in a carton 10 litre canister



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