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Kiran Bedi’s book on civic sense

Focusing on civic sense issues such as not spitting paan at public places, India’s first woman IPS officer Kiran Bedi has brought out suggestions in a book for laymen to improve their civic behaviour ahead of the Commonwealth Games. The book Broom and Groom is co-authored by socio-political thinker Pavan Chaudary.

Waking up to the image of “Indian unhygienic and dirty conditions” portrayed in the international press, Kiran strives to change the scenario. Pavan urges the government to provide good sanitation and hygiene conditions before the CWG.

Published by Anu Anand, publisher, Wisdom Village (Publication Division), laments the government failure to provide education and infrastructure for good hygiene. “We hope our readers will learn and put their best foot forward before our guests from 54 countries during the Delhi CWG.”

“Keeping a good hygiene has been brought out very nicely,” says Kalam in his foreword.

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