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Kibble Enterprises Looking at European Markets

Mohit Vij, Director Marketing & Sales, Kibble Enterprises, speaks to Clean India Journal about his journey, future plans and business in the international market.

Kibble has come a long way since its inception. What is the story behind the success?

Manifestation. Kibble was established as a small trading unit in 2004 with minimum resources, limited client base and a dream to serve the world with qualityconscious solutions leading to hygiene. The trust and stake invested by the early adopters in our value system gave us a sense of accountability towards them. It helped us further in our dedication for serving them and inching closer to our vision together. The commitment towards providing superior quality, timely delivery, desired customization and the finest after-sales support has helped us retain early clients and also expand client base.

In the last few years, since you have joined the family business, how do you perceive to enhance the demand for Kibble products?

It is the trust of our clients that has helped us reach where we are today. Apart from everything else, we strive hard to ensure that the trust is maintained. For us, customer satisfaction is of prime importance, be it before or after sales. And it has worked perfectly for us; not only do we see a surge in demand after we make our ideology known to the clients, but it also helps develop long lasting and meaningful relationships with them.

How different is Kibble products to other products in the market?

When you look around in the market, you will find everything visually the same. Take an apple, it might look the same from the outside, but the sweetness of the fruit depends on the farm you choose. Our USP is superior quality. We use impact-resistant polypropylene for tools which make them much more fatigue-resistant to accidents; directly enhancing durability. Also, the metals used in the tools are corrosion-free, making them safe to use with advanced life.

What are the innovations made over the years?

Since India, is a highly competitive market, with very less early adopters, innovation is one of our secondary agendas. The primary being garnering market share through expansion plans. But we make sure to bring more ergonomics by introducing innovative designs to our existing products. For instance, we have a design-patented rubber grip underneath the caddie handle which makes it more user-friendly.

Internationally, which are the countries where Kibble has been established and what are your plans for the future?

We started our overseas expansion by exploring the neighbouring countries as a pilot to study the response. We have our base in Nepal and Sri Lanka. After launching in two countries, we further expanded to the Gulf, with UAE, Qatar and Bahrain. Having experienced two diverse markets, we are now looking at creating our foothold in Europe. We also plan to cover more countries in these regions and take our brand to other regions as well.

You are participating for the first time at Interclean Amsterdam. How do you look at the European market?

We believe that European standards are the finest and strongest in the world, making their buyers more conscious towards quality and value, something that we have a history of providing right. We find this as an opportunity for us since we believe in providing the highest quality with a promise of timely delivery and unmatched customer support.

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