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Keeping Washroom Hygienic & Clean

A clean washroom conveys more about the organization to the customer, much more than what one can imagine. It is no surprise that more than 95% of guests avoid restaurants where they have had a negative experience of restrooms. A positive restroom experience is thus, one of the most important aspects for an overall guest satisfaction.

A washroom area is widely regarded as the dirtiest place which is why it is very often the one place that is cleaned regularly. Hard water can quickly build up on showers, sinks and toilets, and over time can leave scale stains that are very unsightly and often extremely difficult to clean. Additionally, trying to move around in such a small room to clean it can be a frustrating experience. And if you encounter stubborn mineral stains, it is even more of a pain.

With Buzil Rossari’s PLANTA® SAN P 312 lime scale and unsightly watermarks build up in restrooms can be removed. Its unique formula removes lime scale effectively and protects surfaces. With its spontaneous cleaning effect, watermarks can be kept at bay; leaving behind a sparkling clean washroom facility, day after day.

PLANTA® SAN P 312 provides economic & sustainable washroom hygiene ensuring substrate safety. It is a good friend of the cleaning associates with its pleasant fragrance and skin-friendly nature at proposed dilutions. Every PLANTA product meets the highest cleaning performance standards and complies with restrictive European environmental standards. From surface to floors, over-sanitary facilities and glass to handwash lotions, our user-friendly, all-inone system comprises of sustainable cleaning solutions for all areas of application. PLANTA products are non-toxic, low-impact and regularly outperform synthetic chemical cleaning products.

• Fresh fragrance
• Good cleaning effect
• Dissolves limescale, urine deposits and other mineral dirt
• Low consumption when compared with conventional products
• Eco-certified

• Appearance: Pink Colour Liquid
• Odour: Characteristic
• pH-value: 2.0 +/- 0.5
• Solubility in / miscibility with water: Miscible in water

• For all acid-resistant materials e.g. sanitary china, chrome and stainless-steel surfaces, wall and floor tiles
• For all wet-room and sanitary applications

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