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KC Green Revolution launches feminine sanitary bins

New Delhi based KC Green Revolution Pvt. Ltd, suppliers of waste bins and hygiene solutions, has launched sanitary bins for the safe disposal of feminine hygiene waste. The first-of-its-kind indigenously manufactured feminine hygiene bin can be customized as per user requirement. Bipin Padhi, Director, KC Green Revolution Pvt. Ltd, says, “The bins can be made in different colours and shapes along with customer branding. The unit developed by us is equipped with all the systems which are available with various manufacturers internationally.”

The bin is equipped with stainless steel receptacle mouth making waste disposal discreet. Integrated antibacterial properties of the bins make a user safe, and simultaneously do not give any chance for bacteria to grow; thus preventing cross contamination. “ All Parts in the unit are recyclable. By meeting international quality standards, better price and delivery terms, we would be able to curtail imports of such products. Further an import order entails a waiting period of 60 days and in our case we can have 10000 pieces within 15 days maximum.”

KC Green Revolution plans to launch the service oriented solution across metro cities soon. “The additional requirements for Anti-Microbial bin liners, disinfecting agents to keep the bin fresh between service intervals, and outer service cleaning agents are also available with us.”

With limited awareness and lack of legal binding, safe disposal of feminine sanitary waste has been restricted to the global corporates in major Indian cities. “But, with the product now being available indigenously, procuring feminine hygiene waste disposal solution will be available much faster. It will also reduce plumbing problems and can fit into small washroom because of its sleek and ergonomic design.”


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