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Kärcher wins Innovation Award at ISSA/Interclean-Amsterdam

The B60/10 C MopVac from Kärcher was declared the best innovation for the cleaning industry when it was announced as the winner of the Amsterdam Innovation Award at ISSA/Interclean2014. It was chosen to be awarded the overall prize from the three category winners — the other two were Wetrok for its Discomatic Mambo in the Machines, Accessories and Components category and ECMR (European Cleaning Machines Recycling) in the Cleaning Management and Training Solutions category.

The winning product fills the gap between the scrubber dryer and the bucket and wiping mop for daily intermediate cleaning of hard floors. Key to the system is the mechanical pump for vacuuming waste water, which means there is no need for electricity or batteries. The judges voted the Kärcher B60/10 C as the overall winner of the 2014 Amsterdam Innovation Award because the company has shown great understanding of its market and customers’ needs in developing a brand new floor cleaning solution.

The MopVac can clean open areas five times faster than a regular mop however it is much more economical and cost-effective than a scrubber dryer. And the fact there is no need for electricity or battery power — the floor is dried using a vacuum pump — makes this tool ultimately simple and cost- effective to use and maintain, as well as being eco-efficient. The B60/10 C potentially opens up new markets around the world to more cost-effective and professional floor cleaning. For example cleaning operations which may currently be using mops but cannot justify the investment required for a scrubber dryer may be able to move up to the level of the new MopVac and improve the quality of their service.

Winner in the category Machines, Accessories and Components was Wetrok for the Discomatic Mambo compact scrubber dryer. TheDiscomatic Mambo that runs on LiFePo-battery 25.6V combines cleaning power and endurance with agility and extremely easy operation. It is the most compact scrubbing vacuum cleaner available with a 30 litre fresh water tank. The proven double disk brush system ensures excellent cleaning results and supports the forward motion of the machine. And, in Management Training Solutions and Related Product the award went to European Cleaning Machines Recycling (ECMR) for its cleaning machine recycling service. The Kärcher B60/10 C was the category winner in Equipment/Tools for Cleaning, Care and Safety.


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