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Karcher introduces tank cleaning, centralised high-pressure systems

Karcher Cleaning Systems Pvt. Ltd has introduced modular In-Plant Cleaning Systems and Centralised High Pressure System for various industrial applications.

The modular tank cleaning system enables barrel-cleaning, IBC-cleaning, container-cleaning, 20ft container-cleaning, tank & silo cleaning, rail-tank cleaning and even polysilicon-cleaning. “From consultancy and planning to manufacturing, hand-over and plant maintenance, we support our customers through the entire process,” says Rajesh Wariar, Project Manager-In plant Systems, Karcher India.

Some of the end customers include dairies, sugar, salt, flour, glucose and starch producers in the food industry; lime, cement, concrete, asphalt, etc., in the construction industry; PVC, paint pigments and sulphur in the chemical industry or shipping companies, silo transport companies, concrete, asphalt and cement transport companies in the logistics industry.

These systems adhere to quality standards such as Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point (HACCP) and Safety and Quality Assessment System (SQAs); cleaning certificates such as the European Cleaning Documents (ECD) have become established as standard. Safety at work is also an integral part of tank cleaning. Safety measures where there is a risk of explosion (ATEX) are just as necessary as measures for exhaust air treatment and wastewater treatment. For this, Karcher has specialised equipment which will operate safely in such conditions. With Karcher’s modular system, custom-solutions can be implemented with great benefits for the customer. Karcher has been building reliable and powerful systems for automatic cleaning of tank interiors for the last 35 years.

The new Karcher HDC centralised high-pressure system, is a stationary high-pressure cleaner which is fed from a central supply unit via a pipe system to fixed take-off points where it is kept ready for use in large quantities. “This system is versatile, efficient, safe and economical.”

One single unit of Karcher HDC can supply up to 12 users at various take-off points with up to 12,000lt/hour of high pressure water. These stationary high pressure systems are indispensable for many industrial and commercial users and for public authorities. Disinfection ensures compliance with legal regulations in the food industry.

The HDC can clean anywhere from kitchens to production lines to delivery vehicles, all at the same time. Its uses, range from car garages and vehicle fleet companies to naval navigation and aviation. Other fields of use include industrial kitchens, the drink and meat-processing industries, cellars and agricultural enterprises. This technology is used in fields ranging from metal processing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries to paper production, and is indispensable in swimming pools and sanitary facilities of all kinds.


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