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Karcher and Nilfisk win CMS Purus Award for 2013

Alfred Kärcher GmbH & Co. KG won the CMS Purus Award 2013 for its BR 35/12 C compact scrubber-drier in machinery category. It has incredible maneuverability along with the use of different colours to indicate the controls. Karcher also brought a new steering system called KART – Karcher Advanced Response Technology to directly steer and control the machine’s brush head. The machine can also reliably clean highly textured floors due to its brush roller and capacity to combine the functions of sweeping, scrubbing and vacuuming. The operational roller brushes help in easy cleaning of different floors. Operated by lithium – ion batteries with built-in charger, the machine weight is lighter by 35kg than the other conventional battery operated machines which make it easy for logistics purposes. The machine has got the facility to run in ‘efficient’ mode which improves the running time by 50%.

Also winning in the machinery category was the advance, wet / dry vacuum cleaner ‘VL500 75-2 EDF from Nilfisk. The wet-dry vacuum cleaner has a dual filter system and provides for user-friendly operation on both dry and wet surfaces without requiring the filters to be.

Launched at Pulire, Verona, this VL500 series wet/dry vacuum cleaning machine has been built to simplify cleaning work for women. Its pivot system is designed to make emptying easy; it uses the weight of the head to provide the gravitational pull required to tilt the drum to the angle needed to drain the contents. It makes cleaning faster, safer and less tiring for the operator.

The other winner in the machinery was the SEBO Stein’s ‘SEBO Professional D8 dry vacuum cleaner. The award in equipment category went to Eugen Gutmann GmbH for the Gutmann Modular System with the Brand Communication category award going to Vermop Salmon GmbH.


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