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Model: Kambore ST 100 UP

Technical Specifications:
Indoor and Floor Drain Cleaning Cabling Machine, holding up to 75 of cable in a compact, adjustable frame, carries the precision and power you expect. Can be used for 1.25 to 4.00 Lines and weighs 20kg.

Model: Kambore ST 700

Technical Specifications:
A light weight and handheld Variable Speed Drain Cleaner used for 1.25 to 2.00 lines. The drive comes from the Drill machine of up to 1.85amp. The equipment weighs 2kg. Can be used to clean clogged lines leading from lavatory, urinals and tubs/ shower drains. Ideal for lines with traps, bends leading from sinks, tubs, lavatories and urinals.

Model: Kambore 1075

Technical Specifications
• Motorized outdoor drain cleaner with motorized trolley mounted cable spinner
• Motorized Outdoor drain cleaner for 4” to 12” Lines
• Our equipment can be used to clean outdoor floor drains and pipes
• High speed drilling along with force presents the most effective way of removing blockages
• Augers, cutters and accessories may be used as per customer’s requirements
• Some accessories available are Hook Auger, Grease Cutter, Flute Brush, Chain Knocker and Shark Tooth Cutter

Model: Kamjet Mini

Technical Specifications:
• Trolley Mounted Jetting drain cleaner for two to six Indoor Lines
• Trolley mounted jetting unit is capable of de choking de silting civil and industrial drain lines.
• Can also be used as a high-pressure trigger gun with rigid lance for washing hence making it a multi-purpose cleaning device.

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