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JohnsonDiversey’s website on infection control

In order to create awareness about infections and outbreaks and guide people on ways to manage them, JohnsonDiversey has launched a website, www.outbreak.com. A one-stop resource for addressing infection risks in schools, health care units and other commercial areas, the website intends to help in reducing risks and minimising the spread of infection.

Triggered by the panic that virus H1N1 has spread all over the world recently, the website will have an interactive feature – ‘Ask the expert’. Through this tool, the visitors can have their health questions answered by JohnsonDiversey’s infection control experts, Dr Dale Grinstead and Dr Jose Ramirez. The site will also help visitors understand infection control through topic-specific videos that will demonstrate the essential elements of the management procedure. Links to all these will be provided in 14 languages.

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