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JohnsonDiversey chemicals for CR’s first laundry

JohnsonDiversey India has installed state-of-the-art Auto Dosing System for the first-ever laundry facility of the Central Railway at Wadi Bunder, Mumbai. The Central Railway has converted the compressor room at Wadi Bunder into a laundry where over 2000 bed rolls are washed every day. The installation of the laundry system is a welcome move, given the fact that though linen was sent to private launderers they remained dirty.
Junior Engineer, Central Railways, Shabab Syed says, “Bedsheet stains, oil on pillow covers and odour would remain even after serviced by the laundry contractors. Now, with the in- house facility, we are able to individually check linen and in case any stain remains, it is put back into the laundry machine.” The recent feedback received from Vidarbha and other trains has been very encouraging with people noticing the clean linen.
The linen comes in piles which is then sorted and counted before being taken up for washing. The system washes 250 bedsheets (around 110kg) in one load wash of 56 minutes.
The Girbau laundry system feeds on six chemicals from JohnsonDiversey. “All these products play a crucial role at different intervals in the cleaning process for getting the desired brightness, softness and stain free linen,” adds Suhas Pisale, Senior Sector Manager, Government, JohnsonDiversey. The chemicals are Clax Universal liquid detergent booster with optical brightener, Clax 200S liquid emulsifier concentrate for cleaning the oil and grease stains, Clax Build liquid Alkalinity Builder / Booster for use in medium water hardness, Clax Hypo Chlorine Bleach for destaining white fabrics, Clax Cid liquid neutralizer to prevent yellowing of the fabric at finishing stage of washing and Clax Soft for softening all cotton and synthetic classifications.
The auto dosing system ensures precise dosing which is free from manual interference and makes the system consistent in terms of wash quality. “We work in two shifts with 16 staff in the morning and nine in the noon, out of which two are engaged in operating the machine, eight are in ironing and two are engaged in sorting,” says Shabab. “We have suggested sorting linen at source in order to simplify the process.”

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