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JohnsonDiversey cuts emissions

JohnsonDiversey, a member of the Climate Savers of WWF, has committed to reduce GHG emissions by 8% by 2013. Using the 2003 emissions as the baseline, JohnsonDiversey, since 2008, has substantially increased GHG reduction commitment to 25% from 8% within the original 2013 timeframe.

“This move from 8% to 25% is the direct result of our team globally finding previously unforeseen ways to make our company more efficient. We are one of the first Climate Savers partners to substantially increase our commitment to reduce GHG emissions. This is not only the right thing to do for the planet and the people who inhabit it, but it is also good for our business. Between now and 2013, we will invest another $14 million to fulfill our Climate Savers commitment,” a press release said.

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