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JD India’s clean hand programme

As part of the Global Children’s Initiative on the Global Handwashing Day, JohnsonDiversey India conducted a hand hygiene programme with help from Aseema, a non-governmental organization, for 502 kids studying at the Pali Chimbai Municipal School, Mumbai. Using colourful illustrative charts, which they put up in washrooms, classrooms and notice boards in the corridors of the school, the JD team taught children, all from the nearby slum areas, the importance of hand hygiene.

During the ‘Clean Hand Programme’ demonstration, children were shown under UV lights the persisting dirt and germ spots on their hands even after washing. The process was repeated after they washed their hands properly and much to the children’s delight, their hands showed no germs. They were also explained that germs spread by touching objects or even while playing. JD India also distributed leaflets that had puzzles and games reiterating the importance of washing their hands correctly.

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