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Jai Sanghavi, Production Manager, Borghi Machineries Pvt Ltd

Jai Sanghavi, Production Manager, Borghi Machineries Pvt Ltd

What drives you to work in the cleaning industry?

Cleaning and hygiene have always been a dream project for me since the inception. The important part of being in this industry, even before the Swachh Bharat Mission, was to promote awareness amongst the young generation that for a future free of diseases, the environment must be clean. They have to imbibe the thought that the environment must be kept dirt-free. This can happen only if they are going to change their environment; in other words, eradicate diseases caused by litter and garbage in their surroundings.

What is the single biggest lesson you have learnt from your senior management?

A brush making machine is a means for creating different options of brushes for our customers, whereby each customer has a unique product with us which is different from the others, and can be distinguished as a new option from the regular brushes available in the market. This was a challenge because most customers come to us with a branded product and simply ask us to give them a machine to copy the same. We have to teach the customer to understand and change their attitude; that they must create their own identity in the market and stop copying other people’s products.

As a young leader, what qualities do you bring to the table?

Teamwork, which is the most important.

Trust, because we have been in the market for a long time and people have confidence in our machines.

Respect, because of the support given to the customers after selling the machines.

What are the ways in which you are helping your company pivot to a new direction?

Introducing new models from time to time with a focus on higher output, more automation and above all, better quality of the final brush.

What trends do you foresee in the market in the coming years?

Until now, we have not seen specific designs of brushes in the market that we find in Europe, like water tank cleaning brushes, push brooms, long brooms, hair brushes, nail polish brushes and many more such products which find their way to the Indian market only through imports. Our initiative will be developing these products in India and embracing the Make-in-India initiative.

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