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It is all about being Professional


It is not always that one enters into the right profession. Many explore different fields, before settling into what they feel “is the right job” for them. One among the explorers is Prathibha V, Managing Partner, LaundrySpa Dry Cleaning Services, who entered into the laundry business to experience her passion. Being in the business for two years now, she confirms “this is the job where she can express herself as an entrepreneur”.

Every woman has an inbuilt treasure of entrepreneurship in her. In October 2016, exactly two years back, the first dry cleaning facility, LaundrySpa was set up in Hyderabad. If I look back, the first day sale was just Rs.650 but today it is a six-digit figure. Over and above, in just two years, the second store is also up and running at Vijayawada. In fact, the second store has a workshop attached, which simplifies processes.


There is a lot one needs to invest in order to be successful. One main reason for the growth of business is marketing. A lot of marketing through various channels including newspaper, google, Justdial, facebook and Instagram has increased awareness. Good reviews have helped in giving the best service too.

To add to this, LaundrySpa has a staff of 12 and all are females. It is a blessing to have these women and their power alongside. Knowledge about garments seems to be inborn among women. This is one of the reasons why women choose this business.

Customer Care

Many a times, even during busy hours, one comes across customers who have a lot to ask and it is definitely not appropriate to shrug them away. I believe in not losing patience and answering the queries of the customer.

Coming down to one customer, who had already asked several questions, looked at me again and asked, “you look professional. Everything is computerized and so well organized in such a professional way. Why did you have to choose such a business?” Well, not all look upon laundry or dry-cleaning business as something that professional take up. I simply replied that the answer was in his question itself. I am in this business as it is “Professional.” I also told him not to speak about a person but to understand and talk about the organized work they do.”


Having been a teacher earlier, training the team is just an extension of the previous role. It is essential that staff receive training regularly, from time to time and extensively. It is not always that one gets a trained staff. The women working with me come from different backgrounds and today are proud to be part of a dignified and satisfying profession.

To conclude, each individual possesses experience for a startup. I consider my work noble and I stick to it. Starting a business is like owning something of your own and I can proudly say today that “It’s my show.

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