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The Product Head of Micro Secure Solutions Ltd (a subsidiary of

Micro Technologies India Ltd, Mumbai), Gagan Lamba says that being high-tech, his company strictly adheres to the principles of cleanliness.

Thanks to the initiative of Clean India Journal, the corporate focus is now drawn towards maintenance of hygiene, health, ecology and need for keeping cleanliness. This is a great step and I believe individuals in the IT industry would support this cause of the magazine to increase awareness of cleanliness.”

“Cleanliness & hygiene, a specialised area of operation, is headed by our facility maintenance team which works on software-based processes designed inhouse. The SOPs are integrated with the surveillance system; thus allowing a constant monitoring of the job being done. Besides working on a three-time daily and one weekly cleaning schedule, the FM team files the work schedule and checklists along with images. Over and above, the supervisor makes two rounds in a day to ensure that the cleaning practices are adhered to diligently.

“Maintaining cleaning standards is necessary, as it is the responsibility of the organisation to create the right work environment for its employees. If a hotelier makes good food but serves it on a dirty plate, you won’t have it. Similarly, the way we work, the place we work, the ambience, the way we deliver are all very important.

“Cleanliness is one area which I focus on in my organisation, not only to make the work process better for my product, but also to increase the ATM customer experience.”

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