Tuesday , 17 October 2017
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Dirty Restrooms lead to business loss

A recent survey of more than 1,000 adults of ages 18 and above revealed that 94% would avoid a business in the future if they encountered dirty restrooms. According to Cintas Corporation, commissioners of the survey, when asked what specific ... Read More »

Anitbacterial soaps v/s Antibiotics: A Study

A recent study confirms that there is no link between use of antibacterial soaps and antibiotic resistance. A newly published research reaffirms that the use of antibacterial wash products does not contribute to antibiotic or antibacterial resistance. The study published ... Read More »

Green Seal Expands Certification

Green Seal has announced a new Standard for Specialty Cleaning Products, GS-53, expected to be released in August. With this introduction, Green Seal has significantly expanded the products they can certify, including products that are routinely used for cleaning. According ... Read More »

KDMC installs a bio gas plant

Smaller municipal corporations are taking the lead in finding renewable ways for disposing organic waste generated in the city. Recently, Kalyan Dombivli Municipal Corporation (KDMC) installed a bio gas plant through which it plans to generate electricity from waste. The ... Read More »

Effects of chlorine-free disinfectants: A Study

A recent research conducted by UK based Synergy Health highlighted the potential corrosive impact of some chlorine-based disinfectants. According to Synergy Health, the chlorine based disinfectants could result in infection risk as well as expense in replacing damaged equipment. The ... Read More »

Eureka Forbes enters Limca Book of Records

Eureka Forbes has recently entered the prestigious Limca Book of Records under the title of ‘The Biggest Corporate Flag Personalised’. The company had created a gigantic 40×10 foot personalised and India’s largest corporate flag named ‘The Flag of Happiness and ... Read More »

Smart Washrooms 4 Feminine Hygiene Care Units

While it is essential that hands are dried as one leaves the washroom to avoid accumulation of bacteria, it is equally essential to leave behind a clean washroom to avoid contamination and spread of bacteria. One major issue confronting most washrooms in India is the lack of right method of disposing off feminine hygiene products. It is either flushed down the toilet or is discarded in a common dustbin. The former results in choked sewer lines and the latter spreads contamination. The impact of leaving behind sanitary waste in a common bin that could be noticed by the next user or the janitors is demoralising. Corporate offices are slowly installing the feminine hygiene care (FHC) units and sporting a Smart Washroom, especially for their female staff. Clean India Journal spoke to some of the end users who are usings FHC units. Read More »

Recycling Revolution

Recycling dry waste has been successfully adopted in most countries but recycling AHPs (Absorbent Hygiene Products), consisting of nappies, feminine hygiene and adult incontinence product wastes, has been made possible in the UK through a patented technology introduced by Knowaste Ltd Read More »

RMCL’s sweeper for BMC

Roots Multiclean Ltd has recently supplied RS 6000, a truck mounted road sweeping machine, to Bhubaneshwar based Jagruti Welfare Organisation (JWO). The machine is the first cleaning equipment to be put in operation by the Bhubaneshwar Municipal Corporation (BMC), which ... Read More »

Small loo… .Big price!

Thomas Crapper & Company is the smallest loo will be Birmingham’s giant National Exhibition Centre. Standing just a few inches high, the toilet will be on display at Miniatura  Britain’s biggest dolls house event. Every detail has been accurately downsized ... Read More »

Antibac Pen!

The UK based Senator Pens has developed an antibac pens that has an ability to kill 99.9% of harmful bacteria and viruses. The pen made from specially treated plastic with its active ingredient effectively kills the microorganism when comes into ... Read More »

Waste-Free Kerala

Starting from October, the Kerala Government has launch a year-long ‘Waste-Free Kerala’ campaign aiming to achieve an unpolluted environment, public hygiene & cleanliness and public awareness. The State government has also planned to implement upgraded technology for solid waste management ... Read More »

Furniture from waste!

Some of the city’s overflowing solid waste could soon find its way into living rooms now. Noida based Eco-wise Waste Management Company has been collecting daily 60mt of waste from 15,000 houses spread across to 10 residential sectors for a ... Read More »

NR Sanitation Drive

Stepping up its emphasis on keeping the surroundings of the three major railway stations in Delhi clean and hygienic, Northern Railway has introduced a number of new measures, including personal monitoring by senior officials to ensure attendance and prompt discharge ... Read More »

Electricity from Waste!

Surat will soon join the list of cities generating electricity from waste. The corporation has given a nod for the project which will be undertaken by Pune-based company Rochem Separation System for generating electricity from waste. Rochem will pay a ... Read More »

The Alpha and Omega of Hotel Operations

When choosing a hotel to stay in, guests tend to consider factors like the location, the amenities offered and the size of rooms. The cleanliness of the property is often taken for granted. Think about it… If you failed to notice that long strand of hair in your bathtub, would you worry about the cleanliness in your room? Read More »

Bricks from newspaper

A researcher from Visvesvaraya National Institute of Technology, Nagpur has developed lightweight bricks from the newspaper sludge and is planning to make a model house with the product. The bricks are made with 90% paper mill waste, 10% of cement ... Read More »