Thursday , 19 October 2017
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Safe storage of food in Warehouses

Safe storage of food in warehouses has always been a challenge as there are about more than 30 different insects, several rodents, birds and other animals which may be attracted to stored food areas, causing losses and contamination problems in ... Read More »

E-Waste Management in India

The future of e-waste recycling is bright in India as there is a gap of proper solution providers that can handle the growing demand of electronic appliance consumption. With growing amount of consumers, this sector will keep on giving positive ... Read More »

More fresh air in classrooms means fewer absences

If you suspect that opening windows to let in fresh air might be good for you, a new study by scientists at Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory has confirmed your hunch. Analyzing extensive data on ventilation rates collected, it was found ... Read More »

Green initiatives at Greenwood High School

Greenwood High School in Bengaluru believes in providing all round development to its students. They make the students understand the value of cleanliness and hygiene along with protecting the environment by conserving energy. Under the able guidance of Aloysius D’Mello, ... Read More »

Rs.10,000 crores for sanitation

The Centre has approved the Maharashtra state government’s `10,392-crore plan for implementation of sanitation and waste management projects in rural areas. The plan will be implemented in 27,902 villages across 33 districts over the next 10 years till 2022. This ... Read More »

Dung paper

Assam-based ‘Elrhino’ makes use of green methods to convert elephant and rhino dung into paper. The paper and the production of its related articles have not only provided employment to youth in the region, but have also worked towards efforts ... Read More »

Fashion Recycled

Plastics are often recycled, but never with so much style! The Delhi-based NGO Conserve India has found a way to make thick sheets made from recyclable plastic fashionably. It purchases plastic collected by rag pickers to make 100% export products, ... Read More »

E-waste unit

The Department of Information Technology and Electronics, Government of West Bengal, has initiated the process of setting up an e-waste management and processing unit in an adjoining district of Kolkata. A survey conducted by West Bengal Pollution Control Board (WBPCB) ... Read More »


The Golden Temple may soon use eco-friendly detergents to clean utensils at its community kitchen. The idea of using eco-friendly detergents was proposed by EcoSikh, a Washington based group. There are plans to replace harsh chemical detergents with herbal detergents ... Read More »

SWM power plant

Mumbai Metropolitan Region Development Authority is expected to commission a regional solid waste management plant at Taloja with a capacity to process 2,500 tonnes of solid waste and convert it into power by the end of 2015. The waste collected ... Read More »

Bottle House

A Hyderabad based couple, Prashant Lingam and Aruna Kappagantula, have found an innovative way to reduce the landfill waste and to lower the cost of construction materials. They use PET bottles filled with mud as a substitute to bricks, and ... Read More »

Solar Toilets

Solar energy is now being used in Baikunthapur to power and supply water in toilets! This backwater village in West Bengal’s Sunderbans uses solar power to illuminate toilet blocks at night and fill overhead tank with water pumped from a ... Read More »

Processing of Food Ingredients Cleaning Deep, Cleaning Safe

Effective cleaning of equipment in the food processing industry reduces chances of food contamination during preparation, processing, storage and packaging. Food and environmental safety concerns coupled with high energy and water & waste treatment costs are motivating the pursuit for better cleaning and sanitizing systems. Viable alternatives for food processing industry today include dry steam deep cleaning, cold and heated pressure wash, dryers, dust collection and centralised vacuum system. Read More »

Pest Control versus Pesticides

Today, most of the people are familiar with the ‘Pest Control gentleman’ who regularly visits homes, offices, facilities or factories and sprays pesticides all over. But this process is not only ineffective after a point in time, but also harmful ... Read More »

Compost System for Food Waste Recycling

Bokashi, a Japanese food recycling technology based on ancient fermentation practices, utilises rice bran and beneficial microorganisms to quickly break down food waste while also suppressing smells, making it the ideal food recycling solution for more populous areas With the ... Read More »

Ion exchange resins for industrial water treatment

Need for newer technologies for effective treatment of water and wastewater is on the rise, especially in India which has a rapidly growing industrial segment besides rising population. Ion exchange resins in combination with other technologies offer an effective solution ... Read More »

Biomass Plantations can power India

A group of women working in a tree-shaded nursery in Sivaganga, an arid part of southern Tamil Nadu, is helping to manage India’s very first biomass energy plantation. A report. Valli, 50, and Sarasu, 60, have been working with Energy ... Read More »

Creating a better Design

Hotels take an extra step to pamper their customers with comfort and luxury through a combination of design, ambience and accessories. Washroom design holds particular importance, as guest expectations in this area are much higher. Clean India Journal spoke to a couple of hotels to know their perspective. Read More »

Testing for Quality

A lot of technologies are taken up for laboratory tests to ascertain their success rates. Clean India Journal met Thomas Leucht of Weber & Leucht GmbH, a German based testing laboratory, at the ISSA Interclean, Amsterdam. He shared the various ... Read More »

Beyond The White Glove Test

Efficient dust collection systems and easy-to-clean production equipment require a holistic design approach Growing consumer demand for a greater variety of high quality products requires that the food processing facilities increase production and improves efficiency at every step, and the ... Read More »