Tuesday , 17 October 2017
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Forbes Pro machine keeps Chennai beach walkway clean

Eureka Forbes’ Forbes Pro CS70H has been commissioned by the Chennai Corporation to maintain the three kilometre stretch of walkway along the recently renovated Marina beach. After the commissioning, the State’s Deputy Chief Minister, M K Stalin, personally drove the ... Read More »

Dustbins for e-waste

A recycling body, Ash Recyclers, is reaching out to the residents of Bangalore in an effort to help them dispose off their e-waste. Started by Sayeed Hussain, the company has placed bins outside many houses and corporate offices in which ... Read More »

Quick Action

Recently, group of 20 foreign tourists, including four women, could not stand the sordid sight of a garbage ridden Puri beach. They braved the morning chill, turned up at the beach with gloves & bins and cleaned up the beach ... Read More »

Whistle Army

Failing to reach anywhere in its effort to make people environment-conscious, a former Chief Secretary of Meghalaya has come up with an initiative in the state – that of using school pupils to create awareness about clean environment among people. ... Read More »

Cities Colour Coded

In an effort to promote safe sanitation in 441 cities and towns, the Union Urban Development Ministry has recently launched a project to rate the cities as red, black, blue or green. The parameters for the rating will include complete ... Read More »

E-waste Auction

In an effort to generate some money from its electronic waste, the New Delhi Municipal Council (NDMC) has decided to auction it. Under this scheme, fused bulbs, discarded computers, compact discs (CDs), floppy drives, keyboards, etc., will be collected from ... Read More »

Unique Campaign

The Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD) has come up with a unique ad campaign to raise sanitation awareness in the city. And for this, it is going to use none other than Mr Thu Thu Kumar (who spits at public ... Read More »

Contaminated Water?

Following the civic body’s drive to snap all illegal tap water connections and booster pipes due to water shortage in the city, desperate slum families in northeast Mumbai are now digging wells to tap the ground water, which is allegedly ... Read More »

Plastic Ban

Come 2010, Mumbai’s new Mayor Shraddha Jadhav wants to bring in total ban on all kinds of plastic carry bags. The earlier bans based on thickness of bags had served only as half-measures, with no real respite to the city’s ... Read More »

Making building societies self-sufficient and beyond

When Navin Chandra, a retired Chemical Engineer, took over as Secretary of the Sealine Cooperative Housing Society in Union Park, in Mumbai’s western suburbs, he was determined to make a difference. He mentions ironically that he has gone against everything ... Read More »

Garbage in the Greenery

Aarey Milk Colony, where the famous Film City, the five-star Palms Hotel, a golf club and an IT park are located, would leave any new visitor awe struck with the pristine greenery that still exists in a concrete jungle like ... Read More »

Mechanised cleaning for More efficiency

In a study conducted in the UK to quantify the social, environmental and economic contributions made by different professions, the job which topped the list for offering maximum benefit to the society was the cleaning job. The study reinforces the fact that cleaning activities help build a healthy and sustainable environment. It now becomes very important for governments, institutions, corporates, sectors like hospitality & healthcare and cleaning contractors to understand and implement various methods to make the maintenance jobs simpler, efficient and cost effective. One obvious route is the deployment of right equipment along with the cleaning workers to suit the cleaning needs. However, machines are yet to find their rightful place in India. Clean India Journal discusses with different end-users – client companies which have been shying away from investing in cleaning machines or housekeeping companies which have taken up mechanised cleaning to remain ahead in the race or companies which show inflated profits by using less efficient machines. CIJ also brings in the opinion of equipment suppliers who are educating customers about using right machines. There is also this section of equipment providers who offload machines on to customers who are not knowledgeable enough. Read More »

Why mechanisation?

Cleaning as such involves three kinds of activities – sweeping, mopping and washing. Sweeping with a broom displaces dust which settles down again; mopping does not remove spills or sticky substances from the surface and leaves the floor wet; and washing manually does not remove all stains. Manual cleaning cannot give the desired results. The right use of cleaning parameters – manpower, machine, accessories, water, chemical, right temperature and time – yield best results. Read More »

Subsidised Sewage

The Goa State government has announced schemes to provide subsidised sewage connections to the citizens of Margao. Digambar Kamat, Chief Minister of Goa, has appealed to the citizens to connect their septic tanks and soakpits to the sewage plant and ... Read More »

Loo for loans!

In an extreme form of cleanliness and hygiene enforcement, Chandrakant Dalvi, Collector of Pune, has issued an order which states that people who do not have a toilet in their homes would not be sanctioned government loans or even crucial ... Read More »

Low moisture cleaning: A mindset on a method

On-location carpet cleaning has come a long way since 1827, when cleansing carpet meant: Thoroughly beat pipe-clay into carpet and let set for two days. Brush, shake, beat and sweep well with corn broom. Tack firmly to floor and wash ... Read More »

Who’s responsible?

Prashant Panigrahi, Chief Engineer, Rural Water Supply & Sanitation (RWSS), Government of Orissa, is a worried man. He is concerned about the pathetic conditions of toilets in the schools across Orissa. Maintaining toilets in a hygienic condition cannot be the ... Read More »

The world is a stage

Hoping to spread awareness in a light hearted medium, Robin Chandra Das, assistant executive engineer with the Public Health Engineering Department (PHED), Assam, has put together an innovative play, titled Natak Nohoi (This is not a play), where he enacts ... Read More »