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The Girbau group, with over 50 years of experience in the laundry segment, is expanding in the Indian market through Girbau India. Many of its industrial and commercial laundry products are being installed in various premises; the latest being the tunnel laundry in Western Railway.

Among the products, Girbau also offers ironing solution. It has developed a flatwork system for laundries with mid-to large-scale production, including a complete range of feeders, flatwork ironers, folders and stackers, designed to increase productivity while producing results that achieve the highest quality standards, ensuring energy saving and low maintenance.

The flatwork ironing system can be configured to match the needs of each laundry. Girbau has recently introduced a 1,200mm (48inch) flatwork ironer model PCI120, which is available with 1 to 3 rolls and widths of 3, 3.3 and 3.5m and steam, gas and hot-oil heating. The unique chest and bridge system, with a totally heated, completely machined surface, guarantees a constant temperature and ironing quality standards.

High performance in a restricted space

In the updated entries range of return-feed ironers, PS/PSP models have now been replaced with PB/PBP models. These ironers are outstanding for their ease of use, reduced energy consumption and safety. To understand how Girbau offers a complete laundry solution, here are three example of how the flatworks ironing system is being used in quite different businesses:

The Son Espases Hospital in Palma de Mallocra, Spin, handles up to 16,000kg of hospital lines each day. To meet this demand, the laundry is equipped with a 12-module batch washer, sanitary barrier washers, dryers, folder, a fully automatic system for collecting lines from and to the hospital’s 90 lines stores is by the laundry.

The luxury five-star Reads Hotel, also in Mallorca, has completely different production requirements. Its chief priority is the quality of the final result. Linen is important in illustrating the hotel’s quality rating to its guests. The Reads Hotel has a spa, which increases the variety of linen to be processed. The hotel laundry is equipped with high-quality Girbau HS washers, processing 350kg of linen a day and has Girbau PS and PSP return-feed flatwork ironers for ironing bed and table linen.

The ability of Girbau washers to achieve a high rate of moisture extraction combined with the efficiency of the flatwork ironers avoids additional drying costs. The linen is transferred directly from the washing machines to the ironers. The Auto speed system, which automatically adjusts the speed to suits the linen moisture level, ensures that the linen emerges perfectly dry and ironed without washing energy. The return-feed ironers can be installed close to a wall for optimum use of space.

At Residencies La Bonanova, a healthcare centre with capacity for 500 people, the laundry operates a PBP5132- one of the Girbau PB Series models, which was recently launched onto the market. The centre demands high quality, both in ironing and folding. With the PBP5132, a lane folder performs the primary fold selected, giving a perfect finish to each item. The ironer automatically detects the length of the article and applies the fold in just the right place for a flawless finish.

Girbau’s driving strategy involves continued investment in R&D to ensure the improvement of existing equipment and the creation of new equipment to meet emerging demands.


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