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IPC Eagle’s (Integrated Professional Cleaning’s American subsidiary) window cleaning robot won the Pulire 2009 Innovation Award at Verona. Advanced technology, ecology and safety have combined to ensure the success of this robot, designed to clean windows on high rise buildings of any height.

A total of three juries recognised the excellence of HighRise. The first jury, made up of experts from the cleaning sector, voted HighRise into the three finalists in the equipment class for the prestigious award.

The second jury, comprising journalists from top cleaning sector magazines in Italy and elsewhere, declared HighRise joint winner in the equipment class, together with Ghibli.

The third jury, cleaning sector public, voted the cleaning robot as the winner of the Innovation Award. HighRise is a robot, controlled by remote from the ground by means of a wireless system and lowered from the roof of a skyscraper adhering to the surface of the glass by means of patented thrusters exerting the correct pressure to guarantee contact and optimize the action of the self-cleaning rotary brush which removes the dirt. The surface is cleaned using pure demineralised water without chemical additives. It, therefore, leaves no pollutant residues and guarantees perfect cleaning and an immediately dry surface. It is an innovative and extremely ecological system for cleaning windows on the world’s highest skyscrapers safely, quickly and effectively.

The IPC Group presented its latest products and international patents at the Pulire exhibition, including IPC Gansow’s CT40 ECS scrubber drier, IPC Euromop’s HDS trolley, IPC Soteco’s vacuum floor polisher, and IPC Portotecnica’s Benz HS 4040 pressure washer.

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