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IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s new PLANET 200

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s new PLANET 200 comes with a trolley, designed to limit user’s effort allowing maintenance activities to be carried out by a single operator, without any auxiliary machine. It features the cyclonic effect allowed by the tangential inlet to reduce material suction speed inside the tank, thereby extending filter life cycle and prevents clogging issues.

The Star-shaped filter with an industrial support structure in Planet 200, prevents big filtering surfaces from saturation, dispersion or obstruction produced by the recovery of large quantities of dusty or fragmented scraps.

It is equipped with a vacuum relief valve set as security system against any obstructions that may cause water-lift increase and the possible structure implosion. The model is suitable for dry vacuuming and features three motors. For wet and dry application, it is required to install the shut off floater kit and a conveyor cone.

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