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Introducing NEXT-GEN Smart Technology for Washroom Hygiene

Cleanfix manufactures its machines in-house, thus ensuring they adhere to the highest quality standards. Cleanfix has a special warehouse for spare parts which delivers directly to the customer. If, by chance, a part is not available, the production line is automatically intimated, and the part made available within minutes. About 98% of all products are Swiss-made, guaranteeing their quality for years.

Schevaran Mysore plant, on the other hand, markets and offers sales and support services for all Cleanfix machines parts in India, making them more affordable. Praising the ease of doing business in India, Felix says that ‘things are more organised, and move fast here’. Schevaran already has over Rs.10 crores worth of cleaning machines operating across India, just 10 months into launching the vertical. Sam Cherian reiterates that anyone involved in operating these machines will receive training from Cleanfix engineers at Schevaran cost. Adds R. M. Prabhu Prasad, Schevran Factory Manager and Service Head, “It is a simple construction and hence repairing is also easy. And as a backup service support, we will do the repairs. We have Swiss-trained technicians to answer all distress calls. And we have all the spares required warehoused at Mysore, and will localize the stores as per need.”

Constantly providing newer solutions for the FM industry, Schevaran had brought to India the Robotic cleaning machine from Cleanfix last year. “A cleaning robot never forgets a square metre.” Robots provide reports and can be controlled from a mobile phone, which eases the work of a facility manager.

Why WonderJoe

Capt. Bandi Kanna

Explaining the applications of WonderJoe, the NextGen cleaning solution, Bejamin states that it could be specific and varied. “When it comes to maintaining the 400 toilets of Delhi airport or any other airport with multiple toilets, the time consumed to clean & maintain is challenging and is a big task. A regular upkeep session takes at least 15-20 minutes, while deep cleaning takes about 30-35 minutes. With WonderJoe, a standard washroom with three urinals, three WCs and two wash basins can undergo a deep-upkeep in 12-15 minutes.

“WonderJoe cuts down on manual work; consequently, fatigue levels of the cleaning staff reduce. An added advantage of a toilet being cleaned by a sophisticated machine is that it looks much better.”

Machines and chemicals with multitasking capabilities have remained a long-time demand in housekeeping and facility management. When a single machine can perform multiple tasks, the added advantage is the least number of manpower required to complete the task. With WonderJoe, a single janitor can completely clean the washroom effortlessly.

Shamsher Puri

“It is going to make the life of the janitor easy and reduce the physical exertion. Janitor becomes a machine operator from a cleaner. WonderJoe lends dignity to his job as he is only operating a machine with minimum human intervention. In short, the janitor remains clean after his cleaning,” explains Hemant Hardikar, Chief Sales & Marketing Officer, Schevaran India.

Says Sachin Rasal, Sales Head (Equipment Division) Schevaran India, “Cleaning machines available in the market today include highpressure jets and steam cleaners for washroom cleaning. This requires multiple manpower to do washrooms. The cleaning industry is facing a big problem of skilled manpower. Further for many cleaning staff – especially the educated ones – find it demoralising especially keeping toilets clean. But with WonderJoe, a janitor can walk in, plug in, switch it on, and clean in one go. There is a sense of pride attached to the work when it comes to using machines like WonderJoe.”

Sam Cherian holding the cheque received for the first order from Tirumala Rao

“This method is costeffective by saving on manpower, detergent and water, as well reducing cleaning time by up to 30%. We are targeting corporate offices, schools, colleges and hotels, which tend to have 10-12 toilets per floor. With the reduced cleaning time, these toilets can now be cleaned more than just once a day,” Shankar V Iyer, Regional Manager, Schevaran India, adds.

Concludes, Shyla Yogish, Business-Head, Order to Cash, Schevaran India, “WonderJoe minimises human intervention in washroom cleaning, optimises use of chemicals, conserves water (AquaSave®) and reduces time. Washrooms differ from country to country. The requirements as needed for Indian conditions were given by Schevaran to Cleanfix. WonderJoe completely meets Indian needs.”

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