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Introducing NEXT-GEN Smart Technology for Washroom Hygiene

[box type=”shadow” ]Washrooms have definitely made headway with hightech automation, providing seat warming, lighting, self-cleansing, sensor-based washing, fancy faucets and so on. Nonetheless, a bathroom basically requires smarter technologies to make the space hygienic to use. Unravelling a marvel machine, enabling minimum human intervention and doing away with the need for multiple equipment to clean washrooms, Schevaran launches WonderJoeTM, a Swiss-made multitasking product adapted to Indian specifications by Cleanfix, the global leader in manufacture of cleaning machines with presence in over 90 countries. [/box]

The story of WonderJoeTM was conceptualised last year, when Schevaran India raised the need for an easy-tooperate washroom cleaning machine meeting Indian needs which could achieve a higher level of hygiene. “In five months, Cleanfix engineers came up with a product that was ready to be launched in the market. We did not have the need to experiment with our Indian customers, as we used the best technology from previous machines and we had inputs from Schevaran India, the market pioneers in the domain in India with 30 plus years of experience. Hence, WonderJoe works with 100% efficiency from the very beginning,” says Felix Ruesch, Director-International Sales, Cleanfix Switzerland.

“Any product for the Indian market should be innovative without being too complicated for the operator to use. We know that the operator tends to make mistakes and would require adequate training. Therefore, alongside keeping WonderJoe simple and easy, training will be provided when sought by experts trained in Switzerland,” adds Sam Cherian, Managing Director of the Mysuru-based Schevaran India, who envisioned ecofriendly cleaning and a hygienic India three decades ago.


WonderJoe, manufactured completely at Cleanfix plant in Henau, eastern Switzerland, is an easily manoeuvrable 40kg machine which dispenses two chemicals; an acid foam to be sprayed on walls, urinals and WC’s and rinsed with water at a pressure of 10 bars, followed by a disinfectant and vacuuming, all performed by a single operator. It has two chambers, one of 35 litres for clean water and the other of 40 litres to collect dirty water, leaving behind a dry washroom.

While the average washroom needs about 30 minutes to be cleaned, WonderJoe can complete the task in less than 15 minutes. The dosage of chemicals depends on the chemical used, and is measured out by a colour-coded metering tip.

The advantages of using WonderJoe are manifold: Its scrubbing brush reaches under the rim of the toilet, a difficult-to- reach area. An Indian WC can also be cleaned without the cleaner having to go down on his hands and knees, with a wand specially designed for the purpose. Since it is electricity-powered and not battery-powered, it is lighter, and easier to move. Its reduced operation time means deep-cleaning, which usually happens once a week, can be done on a daily basis. It is easily manoeuvrable and can squeeze into tight corners. Last but not the least, the dignity of the janitorial staff is protected. Cleanfix intends to launch this product in other Asian markets such as Japan, Singapore and China as well with adaptations as necessary.

“We are making a special launch offer at the Clean India Show from February 13 to 15, 2019,” informs an overjoyed Sam Cherian, during the soft launch of the product in Bangalore.

“Cleaning washrooms has been a major pain-point as far as the facility head is concerned. WonderJoe makes this job simpler as it goes into the washroom like a professional, and slides out leaving it clean, sanitised, and dry in no time; without having to manually scrub surfaces or squeeze out water out of mops. This machine does the work of five machines: wet vacuum cleaner, jet spray machine, hand-held scrubber and two foamers,” explains Benjamin Alexander, Director & Business Head, Schevaran India.

The versatility of WonderJoe, is more pronounced in today’s facility management industry, which has a vast portfolio demanding multiple work completion in a limited time frame. Many of the FM companies took to the machine instantly during the soft launch with Tirumala Rao, CEO-KVR Best Property Management, placing orders on the spot for the first machine and handing over the cheque to Sam Cherian. “It is a wonderful machine. I am thoroughly impressed,” he says.

V. Babji giving the key note address at the launch

Comparing Schevaran’s services to the proverbial cherry on top of the cake, V. Babji, Regional Director-JLL, avers that “In the industry, there are certain basic expectations which you have to fulfil regularly, everyday, with a certain quality of service. Beyond that, you go further and offer festive discounts or have an annual sales event and offer something extra. But there is a part that is unexpected, which is the ‘cherry on top’ for our customers. After some time, people get used to the ‘cherry’ level of service as well, and you need to find something better to keep your client continually interested; that’s where Schevaran has mastered the game.

“We are here for the launch of WonderJoe that will make things better for us and will make the FM industry smarter,” adds Babji.

Capt. Satish Upahaday inaugurating the machine

Capt. Satish Upahaday, General Manager (Administration), TCS, who launched WonderJoe at Bangalore, is extremely happy and pleased with the performance demo of WonderJoe. “It is a privilege to be present at the launch of WonderJoe and I am very impressed. I plan to instruct my vendors to deploy one machine each at every location in Bangalore,” he declares.

Expressing similar sentiments, Shamsher Puri, MD of DTSS, says, “WonderJoe is a great product and will definitely remove a lot of complexity and inefficiency in the operation. We look to scale this in our offering to our clients.”

Capt. Bandi Kanna, MD & CEO 24 X 7 Facility Service Connect, is equally impressed. “I find WonderJoe to be very versatile and I am sure it will create wonders in the washroom”.


Cleanfix, the family-owned Swiss company founded 42 years ago, manufactures cleaning machines in Switzerland. “We do not produce cheap, sub-standard machines.

“The R&D departments of other companies create machines according to what they think the industry needs; we go the other way. We ask what the end user needs, what the market needs and what the person doing the cleaning needs. Cleanfix today has presence in 90 countries,” adds Felix.

[box type=”shadow” ]“WonderJoe is a time tested NextGen Swiss technology innovated to Indian conditions. It makes sense to invest in a product that is durable and reliable, reducing repair costs and stress levels as well, and priced to fit the pocket.”[/box]

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