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Interview: Bulk Washing – It’s all about Chemicals & Processes

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Engaging laundry services for everyday linen care may sound expensive but when it is available at as low as Rs.300 for unlimited clothes on a monthly basis, it becomes an irresistible offer. Yazu Talwar, Proprietor of Campus Laundry, Delhi, shares the processes involved in successfully servicing and attaining quality results in bulk laundry.


Campus Laundry operates on the simple concept of providing monthly laundry services on unlimited clothes with twice or thrice weekly pickups and home delivery. Being bulk orders, Talwar has fixed a considerably low charge of about Rs 250-300 per month.

“We started this service basically for boarding schools, universities and army personnel.” The clothes are collected from the respective rooms, numbered and tagged with a marker, then sorted, washed, dried and ironed as per the requirement. Within 48 hours the clothes are sorted again as per the markings made in the inner lining of the clothes and delivered to the respective rooms.

Campus laundry is equipped with all kinds of machines to cater to different loads of linen. “We are having four to five sets of washing machines, dryers, hydro extractors, ironers, etc. We have mostly Supershine’s and Fabcare’s machines and are now using Buzil-Rossari chemicals. Only the calendering part is done from outside. For washing clothes of 200 to 250 people, we require machine with a 30kg specification. If it is 1,200 people, then it is a different machine.” About 16 to 18 workers are engaged at this plant in Delhi.

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“Every person and every client is unique to us, as we are exclusive to the client. We do not mix the people nor the work of the people.”

– Yazu Talwar


After sales service plays an essential role in retaining brand loyalty. With Talwar, the decision to opt for Buzil Rossari chemicals was the good services the company offered. “Buzil Rossari products are good and some of them are even better than what we were using earlier. Moreover, I am happy with the service part, which we get even in remote places like Pathankot, Firozpur and Baddi.

I do not have to chase people out here. Frankly speaking, I did not have problem with the brands that I have worked with or am working with, as long as the suppliers extend quality and uniform service to all customers.”

Campus Laundry has 13 units from where it services even remote areas. Some of the well-known accounts handled by Campus include Vedanta Group hospital linen at Indore, QRG central and Yashoda Group of hospitals in Delhi.

“We work with Sipkara university, Sathawal school, Dainik Bhaskar and also its school in Bhopal, Sanskaar Valley; and Shell B in Gujarat and Indore. These are some of the big accounts that we service at our bulk laundry units.”

Throwing light on servicing hospital linen, Talwar says, “while we have extractors, semi-automatic machines and even auto dosing system in place, it all depends on the wash process, the chemicals used and its applications. As far as the contamination is concerned, we wash at 80oC which is hot enough to take care of bacteria. Buzil Rossari’s Roza Oxy Bleach works well even at 45-55oC, and thus, the germs can be taken care of through this process also. This saves us a lot of money on electricity and diesel generator.

“For coffee and tea stains especially in students’ clothing and for grease and oil, we use Premium chemical from Buzil Rossari. For brightness, we use Oxy Plus or Haipo. We mix this with the brightener provided by Buzil Rossari for optimum results.

“I can say with Buzil Rossari chemicals we save around 40%. Firstly, with the dosing system in place, there is not much wastage, further with certain chemicals where we were using 4ml, we are not using just 2ml. For example, we use only 2ml of the softener from Buzil Rossari now, unlike the 6ml that we were using earlier.”

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