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Interpolymer emphasizes floor maintenance

The recently concluded 45th IDC-The International Detergency Conference at Dusseldorf, highlighted present maintenance done on floors and the effect on the hygiene of these floors due to improper maintenance. In this presentation, Technical Director Wim van Drunen of Interpolymer, explained that floor care films are designed to maintain the practical value and aesthetics of floors. The cleaning and care should be done with the right floor care products as well as maintenance procedure in keeping with the floor type. This ensures desired appearance, slip resistance and resistance against the mechanical walking impact. Film formation during drying is one the most important parts of the whole maintenance procedure and it also protects the floor from resoiling and significantly reduces general cleaning time and value of the floor. Such “coating” contributes to improved room hygiene due to a considerable reduction of germs during wet cleaning, in comparison to uncoated floors.

He concluded that, “Floor care should be taken serious again! We have to learn from our mistakes, and use latest technologies to make the right floor care product that would do the job and ensure the right maintenance needed to not only maintain the practical value and aesthetics of floors, but also to ensure the right hygiene that is needed.”

Interpolymer is working with SAIPER Chemicals in a distribution partnership in India.

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