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International Convention on Pest Management

The Indian Pest Control Association recently hosted the 23rd FAOPMA (Federation of Asian and Oceania Pest Managers Associations) Annual Convention 2011 along with the 44th IPCA Annual Convention & Exhibition. Speaking to CIJ, Nikhil Chatterjee, Convenor of FAOPMA said, “Pest Management techniques and trends are changing across the world and IPCA is the primary catalyst to bring in these world-class technologies for the benefit of the Indian consumer. A concurrent exhibition was also being organized on all three days, in which 26 partner organizations from the pesticides and pest management related trade from both India and abroad, displayed their products and equipment.” The convention was attended by 500 delegates from all around the world.

He further added, “The changing scenario in the world of pest management, with high importance being given to environmental safety, places an even greater responsibility on professional pest managers today. The theme, therefore, for the convention was: True IPM for A Greener Environment.”

The technical presentations by various eminent speakers and the exhibition showcased best talent, expertise, products and equipment in use in the pest management industry. Dr Motokazo Hirao, of the Hirao Biological Institute and Past President of FAOPMA, Japan made a presentation on “Positive Activities of Pest Control after the Big Tsunami Disaster in Japan”. Anil S Rao, CMD & CEO of Pest Control (India) and Kelvin B Lawrie, Rentokil Asia spoke on “Challenges and Opportunities in IPM”, David Liszka from ICB Pharma, Poland gave presentation on a “Novel sprayable capsulated technology for cockroach control”. There were also sessions on Fumigation, Mosquito Management, A worldwide update on Bed-bug Management, Integrated Rodent Management in an urban setting, Termite control technologies and modern tools for termite inspection in inaccessible areas and on Food Safety & IPM.

The next FAOPMA 2012 will be held at Adelaide, Australia.

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