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Diversey introduces its IntelliLine laundry dispenser powered by Diversey’s Internet of Clean (IoC). The IntelliLinen system caters real-time and remote transparency of energy and water consumption, chemical accuracy, machine downtime and day-to-day operational costs to prevent costly disruptions and errors within laundry operations.

“Technology for laundry operations needs to evolve in order for businesses to improve productivity,” said Hans de Ridder, Vice President – Global Fabric Care & Laundry Platform, Diversey. “By harnessing the power of the IoC, IntelliLinen dispensers pull essential data for managers to bring laundry care to a whole new level.”

Part of Diversey’s Internet of Clean platform, the IntelliLinen dispenser connects to any mobile device to give teams visibility of the entire wash process together with actionable insights. It highlights where laundry managers can reduce water and energy consumption, where chemical dosage can be more accurate, re-wash levels can be reduced, which machines are being under used or creating bottlenecks, where hygiene compliance is compromised and more. This in-depth insight helps minimize disruptions and improves a laundry’s wash results, productivity, budget control, sustainability and hygiene compliance.

“Whether used by on premise laundries at hotels or hospitals, or industrial facilities servicing numerous organizations, IntelliLinen enhances control over and improves the transparency of the laundry operation,” added de Ridder. “Now, managers can achieve the results they want each and every time and ensure the best guest experience at the lowest operational cost.”

Source: https://www.diversey.com/media-center/news/diversey-brings-transparency-laundry-process-intellilinen


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