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[box type=”shadow” ]Uniforms play a vital role in the brand building and image of any company. It is more so in the hospitality industry, where different departments are represented by different uniforms, which are designed to suit the specific job function. Zubin Mehta, Director, Uniforms Unlimited, the winner of the “Uniforms-A Corporate Fashion Statement” fashion show held during the last International Housekeepers’ Summit, Mumbai, shares with Clean India Journal the finer points of the uniform fashion.[/box]

designing-unifromsUniforms, be it in a corporate house, manufacturing facility or for that matter a hotel, give a distinct and instant identity to the profession and the nature of the job a person is engaged in. “What is designed has to be stylish and yet practical, adding value to the brand image of the hotel or corporate being serviced,” says Zubin Mehta.

The style factor has much to do with the design as much as it has to do with blending with the organization it represents. “The Uniform designs are created keeping in mind the ambience of hotels and corporate house. The merging of colours with existing décor, the job it represents and making the employee shine out in the outfit, and reflecting the brand image, all go into the making of a perfect uniform.”

Customization plays a major role in creating a perfect uniform. A simple hem to a perfect armhole cut in the design defines the finnese with which the designer fabricates the uniform.

“At Uniforms Unlimited, uniforms are finely designed and cleverly crafted to suit the needs of all types of departments, especially to stand the test of time.” In the hospitality industry, right from the uniforms of a room attendant to right from the chefs are subjected to unwarranted wear and tear, given the nature of their jobs. Hence, customization not only takes care of the fit but also the usage. “Uniforms are made for easy movement and comfort in respective work areas, which is one of the major reasons why Uniforms Unlimited has become a brand in the hospitality industry. Best styles in keeping with the latest trends and yet balanced with practicality and sensibility bring about the difference. Everything that goes into the making of a uniform – the materials used are from reputed mills, branded buttons, threads, lining, etc., provide more durability with an assurance of quality which will stand the test of time. We ensure continuous innovation for improved products, be it in raw materials, fabrics or technology.”

ChefsHaving won three awards at the Fashion Show organized by Clean India Journal during the IHS2016, UU’s designs were outstanding. “It is an exciting as well as a challenging task designing uniforms for the hospitality sector. Designers have a highly creative mind, but only a few of them are able to balance their creations keeping in mind the image of the end user will portray while dealing effectively with his/her work challenges. With decades of experience and a state-of-the-art facility to back production, we have been able to understand uniform design in great depth.

“The Fashion Show has enabled us to further enhance the confidence the hospitality segment has in Uniforms Unlimited. Each of the designs showcased portrayed fashion with sensibility, calm confidence and effervescent energy that inspires success. These were depicted through UU’s designer brand Dezenzia. It is the haute couture collection for businesses where impressions count.”

UU has been making finely-cut and well-stiched uniforms for over 25 years. Continuous research, innovation and upgradation has been a part of the process and growth. Technological upgradation like the use of CAD for designing and pattern making has enhanced the perfection of the designs.

“We have taken the leap forward to accommodate more demand in various segments of the uniform designing field. Driven by the need to change the way chefs dressed, we have created “Chefs Unlimited” brand. This is a result of intense research, use of innovative fabrics and techniques, which include use of heat resistant fabrics that absorb sweat ventilation techniques, etc. Chefs Unlimited is fine couture that suits the needs of industrial kitchens.”

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