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Take a tour of a laundry experience center

Anshul Gupta, Co-Founder & CEO, Quick Clean Laundry Systems takes readers on a virtual tour of his company’s experience center, where customers can view, inspect, test and understand the many products on offer. Plans for training and skilling are also afoot.

At the QC Experience Center, we offer a one-of-a-kind facility in India where buyers and entrepreneurs can personally experience the world’s latest technology. We represent 12 international brands, leaders in their specific segments. Sustainability is at the core of QC, and it has been our guiding principle while designing this space.








Our experience center serves the following purposes:

  • Displaying the latest technology to our customers.
  • Providing practical training for our sales and after-sales teams.
  • Offering practical training for our operations team. We plan to hire over 400 additional team members in Operations, and since there is no school providing skilled manpower, we have built this facility to meet our internal demand.

Display area

We showcase live machinery setups of our fast-selling machines. Here, you can have a firsthand experience of the machines’ operations and witness their impressive output. This allows us to demonstrate the unique features of our products. Currently, Quick Clean represents brands like Electrolux Professional, Trevil, Artmecc, Rinnai, Dante Bertoni, Christeyns, LG Commercial, Datamars, Technolux, and Alvi.

Boiler setup

The custom-made 50 kg steam generator, designed for the Indian market, operates on gas and follows all European safety standards. It boasts a unique and compact design. Manufactured in China, this boiler provides steam to our finishing equipment.

Spotting area

Here, we have a specialised spotting table from Trevil Italy. This table assists dry cleaners or operators in removing the toughest stains without causing any damage to the fabric. It also reduces chemical consumption and ensures the safety of our operators.

Lagoon system

It is the only WetCleaning system approved by Woolmark and has become the preferred choice in India. With over 700 installations in dry cleaners and 5-star hotels, this technology utilises only water and special green chemicals to handle even the most delicate garments, including the finest wool, pashmina and silk.

Drying cabinets

Our state-of-the-art drying cabinets are designed specifically for delicate garments, shoes and handbags that require extra care and cannot be exposed to mechanical action.

Line 6000 Electrolux machines

This newly launched range, introduced in 2022, is a game-changer. These machines are at least 10 years ahead in terms of technology compared to the competition. They are smart and can be conveniently monitored through a mobile app. Moreover, all machines are EgroCert Certified, meeting the highest European standards for ergonomics.

Trevil products

Trevil is the market leader in finishing equipment from Italy. Since 2015, we have worked together to build a strong market presence. Trevil offers patented products like the Pantastar, capable of producing 70 trousers per hour with creasing – a one-of-a-kind solution in the world.

Pressing area

In this section, we have a range of steam presses and boilers on display. These are widely used in dry cleaning and hotels to handle guest laundry and uniforms.


We import trolleys from Italy, Spain and China. These trolleys feature global designs and prioritise usability in the laundry industry.

Spare parts room

We understand the criticality of minimising downtime for our customers. To support our 3,000 customers, we maintain a stock of spare parts and consumables worth ₹2 crores. Representing 12 international brands, we ensure we have an adequate supply of spare parts and consumables readily available.

Finished goods warehouse

Quick Clean was the pioneer in offering imported machines off the shelf. Previously, these machines had a lead time of 4-6 months, making them inaccessible for common dry cleaners and small laundry owners. Today, we maintain a stock of over ₹10 crores across two warehouses totalling 15,000 sq ft. These warehouses store fast-moving machines that are readily available for dispatch.

Collaborative area

This area is specifically created for our team to collaborate and ideate. It provides a comfortable space where team members can enjoy coffee while discussing and brainstorming ideas.

Practical training room

We recognised the importance of hands-on experience and practical troubleshooting for our engineers. Therefore, we have set up a practical training room where our engineers can gain in-depth knowledge and enhance their troubleshooting skills. This practical lab complements the theoretical training conducted in the classroom, boosting engineers’ confidence and enabling them to resolve issues efficiently.

The lab covers major equipment, including IC Series Ironer, Electrolux and LG washers, dryers, boilers, and geysers. We believe that learning through practical experience has a lasting impact, leading to improved customer satisfaction through first-time-right issue resolution. Additionally, our operations team utilises this facility for preventive maintenance training, ensuring our operators receive hands-on training on the machines.


As part of our expansion plan, we are looking to hire 50 engineers and 400 operations staff. To accommodate this growth, we have established dedicated classrooms for training our team members. Given the absence of schools specifically training operators, we have taken the initiative to develop in-house training capabilities. We have already set up a training and development department.

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