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Insect light traps by Hygiene Solutions

Hygiene Solutions, Gujarat, has launched Vectothor Osprey, insect light traps, especially for kitchens, hotels, food production areas, offices, cafés, restaurants, shops and more. Easy to service, stylish and effective, the Vectothor Osprey features European design build standards and a diffuse light output.

Some of the unique product features include Philips long-life UV-A Lamp® output, which optimizes to match the house fly’s vision spectrum and guarantees that more flies are killed. Vectothor Natural Contrast Grid™ mimics the natural way the light is broken up when it shines through trees to naturally attract flies. Temperature Optimized Glueboard ensures total entrapment of the flies, even in tropical temperatures. A silicone paper coating means the board can be quickly and simply replaced.


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