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The new Karcher KM 105/100 R and KM 105/110 R ride-on vacuum sweepers with patent-protected innovations are powerful, user-friendly and economical. The features that makes these two ultra-modern machines unique in design, innovation and technology include a hydraulic front-wheel drive, a sickle-shaped sweeping brush, automatic adjustment of the roller brush between the rear wheels, the automatic TACT filter-cleaning system, the KIK intelligent operation system, speedy access to the mechanics and a new, bivalent drive concept.

Highly manoeuvrable
A hydraulic front-wheel drive makes the sweepers highly manoeuvrable. They can turn almost on the spot and change direction in corridors no more than two meters wide. When equipped with an optional sickle-shaped sweeping brush between the main roller brush and the side broom, they sweep up dirt completely even when travelling round tight bends or sweeping out corners, without leaving the customary un-swept curves. In both machines, the roller brush rests directly on the rear axle so that it always maintains contact with the floor when climbing gradients or crossing uneven ground. This prevents damage to the waste container, which cannot be damaged by running aground.

Sensor-controlled electronics
The roller pressure and therefore the sweeping pattern can be set at three levels. The machine starts up automatically on the low-wear-and-tear eco- efficiency setting, which is fully adequate for maintenance cleaning. On every setting, sensor-controlled electronics adjust the brushes before every sweeping run to ensure optimum contact with the floor. That guarantees a consistently good sweeping result. The roller’s large diameter increases the throwing height, making it easy to fill the waste container. The KM 105/100 R model is a low-level emptier. The two 50-litre dirt containers are pulled out to the rear and emptied manually. A convenient alternative is the KM 105/110 R version. This is a high level emptier with a 110-litre container that is titled and emptied electro-hydraulically. The Karcher TACT Filter-cleaning system, which was designed originally for wet and dry vacuums, ensures that the filter action remains consistently effective. The two flat pleated filters are cleaned automatically every 15 seconds by a jet of compressed air and the dust is channeled back into the sweepings container.

Easy & safe operation
The KIK (Karcher Intelligent Key) system helps to make these new machines easy and safe to operate. Users, facilities managers and service technicians are all assigned a different range of functions. All essential operating commands are selected on a large rotary knob. A display provides information about the number of hours worked, upcoming maintenance intervals or the state of wear and tear of the roller brush. The practical holders and mounts for stowing additional equipment on the machine help to prevent accidents. Karcher has also placed particular emphasis on easy access for servicing and repairs. Everything that requires regular servicing can be found behind a body section that folds out laterally. While the electronic interface makes it possible to read off data and input updates, the new drive concept increases mobility. All models with a combustion motor have a bivalent power system that supports the combustion motor with additional electrical power on gradients.

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