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Innovative Sustane polymer from plastic waste

UK-based RPC bpi recycled products has launched another first in sustainability — a range of premium, sustainable polymers made from 100% recycled plastic called Sustane. This polymer that has the potential to replace virgin polymer. The recycled material is made from post-consumer packaging and promises the highest levels of technical performance, consistency with no compromise on quality.

Developed and manufactured in the UK, Sustane supports the circular economy by offering traceability of the product as well as being 100% recyclable itself. Current products manufactured from virgin polymers can improve their environmental credentials when they are designed — or redesigned — using Sustane polymers.

Sustane polymers have been proven to perform in a wide range of nonfood contact applications where previously prime polymer was used. An early adopter of Sustane is the recently launched sustainable shrink film, X-EnviroShrink, developed by RPC bpi protec. X-EnviroShrink is a flat shrink film made using a minimum of 30% post-consumer recyclate.

RPC bpi recycled products is part of British Polythene which was purchased in August 2016 by RPC Group – a plastic products design and engineering company with over 180 operations across 33 countries and employing over 20,000 people. — Cleanzine

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