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Going forward, there will be emphasis on cost effectiveness, not just cost’

Going forward, there will be emphasis on cost effectiveness, not just cost'
Dr.Arun Kumar

Dr Arun Kumar

In the same conversation,
Dr Arun Kumar, Head of South Asia, Bayer Environmental Science presented his viewpoints from a solution manufacturer’s standpoint:

Last year, we surveyed 2000+ stakeholders on how many of them had shifted from pest control to disinfection, since the pest control business had all but dried up. We launched a program to help them get back on their feet and get access to the right products.

Pest management associations have been trying to modernise the industry by getting the correct certifications and training in using the right products for the right applications. We conducted 30 webinars over a two-month period with 6,500 attendees, under the ‘Upskill with Bayer initiative’.

With no dine-in permitted, many restaurants are not calling for pest control services. Out of the 200 we surveyed, more than half were not doing pest control. What does this mean for the safety and quality of takeaway/delivered food? The thought should give us pause.

We have doubled down on innovation during this time, with an emphasis on sustainability of both products and the industry. For example, our product for termite treatment is Green Pro certified, which means it’s manufacturing process is so sustainable that buildings using this get points which can be used for LEED certification.

For mosquito management, we have a water-based spray which does away with diesel, saving up to 80% in costs. We need to think about the total cost of ownership, not just the cost of the bottle.

Going forward, there may be a lot of focus on DIY pest control, since many people have tried to manage on their own during lockdown. This is a double-edged sword: good if it is for dealing with a minor problem but if it exacerbates and the person doing the job is not trained, the problem may become worse before it becomes better.

There will definitely be emphasis on cost effectiveness, not just cost.

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