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Saturday , 25 January 2020
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Innovative Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd: Sanitizer&Road Sweeper



Innovative Cleaning Systems Pvt Ltd has introduced a new revolutionary hygiene System Sagewash Sanitizer, is the only sanitizer which cleans, disinfects and controls odour.


Protects against dangerous virus, bacteria, fungus, algaes, cost effective, easy to use, biodegradable, non-corrosive, no need of rinsing, EPA-registered and USDA approved treatment of chlorine


Hospitals, hotels, schools and institutions, veterinary clinics/hospitals, zoos, poultry, stables, kennels, piggeries, milk industries, fisheries, laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, factories, municipal corporation (for usages in public toilets, garbage disposal areas, garbage carrying vehicles, market places, pilgrimage centres and public gatherings.

Road Sweepers

Road Sweepers copyWorld class Chassis Mounted/Direct driven Road Sweepers has been launched that can reduce the cost per KM of sweeping. With better efficiency, it brings down the dust pollution to bare minimum as compared to other Sweepers deployed by few Municipalities.


Faster coverage, no fatigue, reduction in manpower, flexible and can be deployed anywhere.


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