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Innovation in Sweepers

Sweepers have remained an essential part of cleaning for many years and constantly being innovated, says Markus Asch, Vice-Chairman, Alfred Karcher GmbH & Co. KG., in a brief interview with Clean India Journal at Pulire Verona.


 “The most critical thing in Sweepers is the filter and filter cleaning. We have come out with an innovative machine which not only sweeps but at the same time automatically cleans the filter too. Thus, the operator gets to concentrate on the job that he does best through the proper navigation of the machine. The operator does not have to do things which are not related to the core cleaning task. Since it is a fully automated process, it improves the quality of cleaning.


 There are two ways of looking at this. We should not differentiate the suitability of the machine in terms of Indian user or the German or the American but in terms of their different levels of users. If you look for an industry where labour cost and cleaning efficiency is very important, this is the right solution. If you look at entrance class application, this is not the right solution because there is too much technology involved.


 This product is suitable for typical application for industrial sweeping. It has more to do with medium and high tech industries which face dust and need sweeping. For example, logistic companies, where they need permanent sweeping, this machine is quite an ideal solution.

ISAL Sweepers

 The ISAL Group, which also makes sweeping machines, is a part of the Karcher family. ISAL is extremely good in providing simple technology but robust, reliable and of high quality cleaning standards. We are very happy to see how this company develops under our umbrella. At the Verona Show, we have on display the whole range of different innovations. We look at cleaning from a whole process perspective.

We are the first one to introduce the new and beneficial intermediate carpet cleaning solution and it is today a new technology. We introduced new standing machines where cleaning efficiency is more crucial; new pressure washers that are highly mobile and compact; and new vacuum where efficiency or energy efficiency is crucial. We always look at what will be the success factor for the operator and that’s where we focus our innovations on.

Indian market

On the one end, we are overwhelmed about the size of India, but at the same time we are happy to see how we develop there. For us, the key to success in India is to be locally present because of different culture, different languages and different ways of doing business. Our investments are directed towards our branches, regionalization of our business and on a bigger scale on the service side. We keep close contact with the customer to provide proper service during the product lifecycle by maintaining the required quality. This way, at the end of the product lifecycle, they will again come back to us, as they have been taken care of all the way long.

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