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Innovating Continuously

Necessity of innovation in the cleaning market:

We are making a lot of investments in product innovations in IPC in all the categories. We have also put in good amount of work to improve the productivity and economics. Models CT 51 and 71 of scrubbers are good examples of this. The innovations include systems related to reducing water consumption, chemical consumption, silent products and day time cleaning.

IPC has launched high pressure washers as part of the hot water program. We have rationalised our platforms to have all the possible variations to go from agricultural needs to industrial type of applications to building construction applications and a much work has been done to improve the efficiency of the boilers in order to have less consumption and less pollution.

In cold water products we have introduced TWC 45’s and 55’s which will improve our position in the coldwater market. The focus is also to obtain optimum performance from most compact products with very robust characteristics in use and abuse.

In vacuum cleaners, we have very unique products LP 12’s and LP 16’s. The systems can be modified into polyester clove filtering, bag filtering, microfibre filtering or cartridge filtering. The products are the most silent vacuum cleaners in the market. As you see we have innovations in all three categories of the machines.


We are working on robotics much more than any competitors, but we are not presenting until we are 100% ready. It will be implemented from by 2019 and will be based on three pillars.

1. User friendly – Robotics on which we are working, will not be using auto mapping data where you need engineers and complicated things but easy to program by a user that can be used in manual mode as well.
2. Extremely safe – This is one of the areas where robotics is not easy to deal with. We have a system like an aeroplane. We have created backups and saved it. Therefore, our system will be particularly oriented for safety more than we have seen in the market.
3. Cost – Today, the cost for robotization is extremely high which does not make sense. We are working on a product that will be 30% lesser in cost compared to today’s market.


There is no doubt that digitalisation is gradually making entry into this field. This is a very conservative field. So, it is not easy to change the methodology. The quickest way to change things is to reduce the cost of cleaning dramatically. To be efficient and safe, digitalisation is important.

The most important thing in facility management is tracking the machines i.e. age of machines, where they are, and which are still efficient.

The 1st step for any facility management company is to optimise the cost of its machinery. Then there are user apps and methodologies to understand the cleaning.

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