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Georgia-Pacific Professional

India is increasingly looking at high value hygiene products which match with quality, efficiency and clearly with environmental consideration. There will be lesser place for paper without one of these qualities, says Carl Jousset, Export Area Manager, Georgia Pacific Professional.

Today’s end users’ requirements are much higher than before and they will be more in the coming years; the globalisation and the increase of international visitors to India reinforce the idea, says Carl Jousset.

Lotus Professional, Georgia-Pacific’s European brand provides an integrated range of disposable paper products and hygienic dispensing systems specially designed to offer practical solutions for the washroom, workplace and foodservice environments.

Working closely with the end users, Georgia-Pacific Professional has entered the Green by Design Dispenser, Recycle, Refurbish, Repair programme, developed to provide extended value to the use of dispensers and to promote environmental responsibility by diverting dispensers from landfills. Georgia-Pacific is the first paper manufacturer to develop a dispenser recycling promgramme for its customers.


“As experts in this market place, we work with the customers individually to understand their issues and needs. We have developed an innovative, comprehensive range of products designed for maximum effectiveness, style and to offer Cost Out solutions.”

Georgia Pacific is continuously looking for differentiated concepts in order to satisfy these expectations. This year, it has also introduced the centerpull tissue dispenser technology (Sofpull), a first-of-its-kind technology in North America, featuring a completely enclosed tissue roll with one-at-a-time sheet dispensing. The product’s innovative design helps simplify maintenance efforts and promote hygiene, while also reducing overhead expenses and chances for cross contamination.

Georgia Pacific produces 200 away-from-home products containing 95-100% recycled fibre and 40 products that help companies earn LEED certification.

By practicing the three R’s: “Reduce, Reuse and Recycle”, the company is able to address environment issues.

Reduce paper consumption: Recycled content is a priority for environmentally preferable away-from-home products, but reducing use is even better for the environment. Continue using recycled or virgin fibres coming from certified suppliers.

Reduction of the use of energy in manufacturing sites and transportation of products: Georgia Pacific recognises that CO2 and other greenhouse gases are an important issue for customers and other stakeholders.

Reduction of waste and water consumption and pollution: Producing paper is a water intensive process and we continuously look for ways to reduce our water consumption as well as identify opportunities to improve the efficiency of our production processes.

Lotus Professional concepts are available throughout India through its sole distributor Hari Om Hygiene and its national network.

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