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Case Study:Green Cleaning methods at adobe Systems,USA

Minimum risks, maximum rewards

While innovation has been acknowledged as a critical element in continued profitability, Adobe, along with product development, pushed its internal operations for continuous improvement in business efficiency and environmental sustainability. Cushman & Wakefield, that manages 17 of Adobe’s facilities and Tennant’s cleaning technology has led the company into adopting environmentally responsible business operations.

Following this principle, Adobe has significantly reduced the number of chemicals used by janitorial staff within its facilities. It is the only organization to have four Platinum LEED-EB-certified buildings.

Adobe recycles and/or composts 95% of its solid waste and is among the first companies to replace its traditional urinals with water-free urinals. As a publicly traded company, Adobe must remain fiscally responsible while pursuing environmentally sound practices.

Cushman & Wakefield has introduced Tennant’s ec-H2O™ technology to help Adobe maintain its facilities.

Managing the facilities for the last seven years, George Denise, general manager with Cushman & Wakefield, says, “As a facility manager, it’s my job to seek out new technologies, products and processes that promote financial and environmental success. Tennant Company’s ec-H2O technology does just that.”

Overseeing processes and procedures to ensure that Adobe operates a clean, safe, healthy, productive, uninterrupted work environment, Cushman & Wakefield programmes have helped reduce Adobe’s operating costs by $1.2 million over a six-year period, with an astounding 121% return on investment. These programmes have also helped Adobe US facilities achieve LEED certification.

“There’s a misperception that once you’ve achieved LEED Platinum certification, you’ve reached the pinnacle and your work is done,” Denise said, “which is why I am constantly working with key partners on new operations programmes and concepts that are sustainable and cost-effective.

“Although we had already achieved LEED Platinum status, it was clear that this chemical-free cleaning technology would actually move us beyond that elite benchmark and even closer to our sustainability and business goals.”


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