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Astol Cleantech Pvt. Ltd’s industrial vacuum cleaners, Oilvac, is very useful in collecting cutting oil or coolant mixed with small metal chips/ fine particles. This system separates liquids from solids and the filtered liquid can be reused. Regular use of these type of industrial vacuums increases the life of the maintenance and machine tools.

Oilvac enables savings, as it performs better and faster in cleaning of the CNC machines, and avoids or reduces the waste if any. The solid chips are collected into a basket while liquids percolate and are collected into the main container and then reintroduced into the machine tool.

Machine tools produce chips which are to be removed after each work cycle. The Oilvac system offers the most effective tools for the job, making it possible to suck up chips and emulsions, separate them and re-insert the oil back into the system.

By this it is possible to

1) Reuse the oils/coolant which leads to saving
2) Reduce the cost of disposing of the used oil
3) Carry out machine tool maintenance and cleaning quickly and easily
4) Reduce down time

The new Oil & Chips family of Oilvac has been designed to answer the needs of maintenance and cleaning in today’s modern mechanical workshops. A large variety of models are available, both single and three-phase, ranging in power from 1 to 12,5 kW with containment capacities for liquids and solids from 60 to 450 litres.

1) Single phase vacuum with two independent turbines built in steel and finished with epoxy powder paint. Compact, easy to manage and extremely versatile it is the most complete product in its category. Suitable for maintenance and cleaning of small and medium sized machine tools thanks to its liquids containment capacity as well as its ample containment basket for solid material. A liquid transfer pump is available upon request as well as a secondary, fine filtration stage. This is in Liquid tank capacity of 65 litres + solid tank capacity 10 litres and another one with liquid tank capacity of 90 litres + solid tank of capacity 30 litres. 2) A powerful bucket vacuum system. It is equipped with 3 independent turbines or, in the three-phase version, with a side channel blower. Suitable for maintenance and cleaning of medium and large sized machine tools thanks to its large liquid and solids containment capacity. Liquid tank capacity of 200 litres + solid tank capacity 30 litres
3) The top of the Oil & Chips range. The vacuum unit can be equipped with two different turbines, 4 or 5,5kW, and is suitable for maintenance and cleaning of medium and large sized machine tools or of several machines in succession, without repeatedly emptying the large, liquid containment tank. Upon request, a secondary fine filtration stage is also available (optional) with reusable or disposable filter elements in different filtration efficiencies. Liquid tank capacity of 450 litres + solid tank capacity 65 litres.

The wide choice of machine models enables the customer to choose the ideal product according to customers’ actual application requirements thus avoiding the selection of under dimensioned products, which leads to dissatisfaction, or the selection of over dimensioned units with high costs.

Machines which are well maintained have lower break-down risk, give good productivity and are high in efficiency. The Chip collection and separation systems further allow very accurate cleaning of machine tool tanks, avoiding proliferation of bacteria and lengthening the lifespan of coolants. This all turns into savings of time, consumables and, most certainly, money.

Responsible waste management and treatment contribute to optimal recycling and discharge processes and are an important and vital step towards environmental protection.

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