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Industrial vacuum cleaner to separate oil from shavings

                        CIJ 10/17-1248

With simultaneous wet and dry pickup

IP Cleaning India Pvt Ltd’s GS 3/78 OIL is an industrial vacuum cleaner with multipurpose solution to separate oil from shavings.


  • Three high-performance two-stage independent motors
  • W system for simultaneous wet & dry pick up
  • 78 litre tipping tank made in stainless steel AISI 430
  • 3 stage filtration: polyester filter, mesh filter and bucket sieve
  • Bucket sieve separates oils from shavings
  • It can vacuum, recover and separate powder, waste materials, oils and shavings produced by production machineries, allowing reduced downtime and ensuring the functioning of machineries, improving the quality of production, ensuring the safety and health of the workplace, and increased production efficiency


  • Wet & dry vacuum cleaner used to keep the production machinery and working environments always clean, efficient and safe, in heavy industry, metalworking industries.


Usage Wet & Dry
Motor 3 x 2 stages
Power (W) 3500 max
Voltage (V) 220-240
Waterlift (mm H20) 2500
Airflow (m3/hr) 645
Tank Capacity (l) 78
Cable length (m) 8.5
Dimension inlet (Ø mm) 60
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