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Industrial ride-on Sweeper with quad-filtering system

Optional HEPA filtration system to manage silica dust

CIJ 3/18-1301

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s Tennant 800 Industrial Ride-On Sweeper is the largest, most powerful machine in its class. With its wide cleaning path, quad-filtering system and heavy-duty steel construction, it delivers consistent cleaning performance in the most demanding indoor or outdoor industrial and manufacturing environment. It helps manage silica dust with an optional HEPA filtration system. Features

  • Capture everything from cement dust to heavy concentrations of pellets, rocks and glass.
  • Get more continuous cleaning time with the sweeper’s large capacity, multi-level hopper at 30 ft/9m.
  • Control dry dust, even in the harshest, most congested sweeping environments, thanks to the quad-filtering system.
  • Maximise operator manoeuvrability, comfort and safety.
  • Maximize sweeping productivity with a wide cleaning path.
  • Empty debris into containers as high as 6 ft/1.8 m.
  • Get long-lasting durability with the rugged steel T-beam superstructure and bend-resistant steel back wheel brackets.
  • Prolong machine life and protect your investment with rear bumpers and optional corrosion-resistant stainless steel hopper bottom.
  • Simplify routine maintenance with easy-access brush and filter changes.
  • Increase operator comfort with optional pressurised cabin with heating and air conditioning for controlled, comfortable environment year-round.
  • Take advantage of a comfortable deluxe suspension operator seat, power steering and tilt steering wheel.
  • Easily access all sweeper controls inside a spacious cabin.
Working width (mm) (With one side brush) 1680
Working width (mm) (With two side brushes) 2100
Main brush (mm) 1270
Productivity (M2/hr) 12760
Hopper capacity (litres) 800
Max. dumping height (mm) 1830
Diesel engine (hp/rpm) 57.9/2400
Filter surface (m2) 17
Max. speed (km/hr) 16
Dimensions (LXWXH) (mm) 3048x1778x1335


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