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Industrial High-Pressure Washers

IP Cleaning India Pvt. Ltd’s Industrial High-Pressure Washers- Cold Water, PW – C55 D 2515 PT, is a unique smart technology machine.

The cold water Pressure washer PWC55 is delivering performances – up to 900ltr/hr and up to 250bar (25Mpa) granting effective results even in the medium cleaning operations.


Compact dimensions for transport and storage
• Increased outlet pressure
• Better ergonomics
• Improved storage solutions
• Improved serviceability
• Reduced maintenance costs
• Plunger pump independent from the motor
• Electrical motor standard type, air cooled 4 poles
• Bolt-on unloader valve
• Easy access to internal components by removing the cover.
• Sturdy structure with high resistance to thermal shocks, weather conditions, and chemicals
• Visible oil sight
• Easy oil fill-empty system ensures rapid maintenance

Technical Specification

• Pressure (working press.): 250/25 Bar/Mpa
• Flow rate: 900 ltr/hr
• Max. Inlet Water Temperature: 50°C

Electrical Features

• Main electrical supply: 3-400/50 Ph-V/Hz
• Absorbed Power: 8.2 kW
• Remote control: DTS
• Motor poles – rpm: 4-1400

Hydraulic Features

• Pump type: Plunger
• Pump head: Brass
• Pistons: Ceramic
• Detergent Tank: l

Dimensions and Weight

• Weight: 85 kg
• Dimensions: 84x48x82 cm Standard Equipment
• Handgrip
• High Pressure Hose: G6000 SW 5/16 R1-10mt.

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