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Industrial floor, washroom degreaser

Revachem, a Mumbai based manufacturer of cleaning chemicals,has added two more products for industrial cleaning.

REVA HD2 is a heavy duty degreaser for industrial floor cleaning. It has effective degreasing properties which remove tough oil and grease from any surface at very low dilutions. REVA HD2 is free from VOCs (Volatile organic compounds) and is very safe for environment and human health. It can be safely used on any surface, including metal, epoxy and concrete. The dilution rate for this product is 10-20 ml/lt.

REVA AC2 is a specialised cleaner for industrial washroom. It is an alkaline cleaner with high capability to remove stains and control odour. It thoroughly cleans the surface and leaves it sparkling. It is safe to use on ceramics and tiles. The dilution rate of this product is 50ml to RTU.

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