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Industrial degreaser & handwash

Taski Spiral HD is a powerful alkaline industrial degreaser is effective for removal of mineral / synthetic oils, tar, grease and carbon soot. TASKI Spiral HD, a Diversey product is mainly targeted for soil removal on heavily soiled floors. This can also be used for low and medium soil conditions at lower concentration. This heavy duty floor cleaner is suitable for use with scrubber-driers, single disc machines and wet mopping systems on concrete or Kota


• Fast acting

• High emulsifying power

• Low foaming

Taksi Spiral F11Y is a scientifically blended, liquid detergent for cleaning floors and oily greasy work areas. It contains mixed additives and special ingredients to enhance cleaning performance.


• Economical in use. Cost in use is less than Re 1/- per litre.

• Readily Soluble in Water

• The low manual effort needed

• Non-corrosive, non hazardous

• Saves water, rinses off easily

Taski Spiral can effectively be used to clean floors in factories, workshops, hotels and restaurants, public areas, office blocks and toilets. It effectively removes oils, greases and dirt from heavy soiled areas in service stations and garages.

Rozalex Industrial H99Y is a liquid hand cleanser for heavily soiled, oiled greasy hands. It is a heavy duty skin cleanser formulated to safety, and efficiently removes industrial grime, oil and grease from hands. The liquid hand cleanser is an effective product for use in factories, workshops, service stations and repair centres.

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