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INDOOR AIR QUALITY Now in your Control

Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), till date has only been discussed in relation to Operation theatres, Intensive Care units, occupied buildings and so on. Did you know 97% of the of toilet seats harbour micrococacceae, which can cause skin reactions; 39% are contaminated with streptococcaceae – the leading cause of epidemic sore throat – and bronchial pneumonia; 22% harbor pseudomonadeceae, which can lead to urinary tract infections and blood poisoning; 81% can infect visitors with coryneform, which can cause diphtheria and hepatitis; and serious viral infections can be transmitted by a drop of urine on a toilet that has been present for up to 45 minutes.

Hydroperoxides is an oxidizing agent having properties of Virucidal, Germicidal, Antiseptic, and Disinfecting & Deodorizing. PHI technology is used in washrooms with heavy traffic to remove odours completely (changing the molecular structure of odours) along with eliminating microbial (killing it by a process of cell lysing). Its advanced oxidizers- called hydro peroxides, spread to various places killing the infection (bacteria, viruses, fungus, mould ) in the air as well as on surfaces (infection in air and on seats, handles, taps, basin etc). Life threatening communicable infections like SARS & H1N1 (swine flu) is picked up by people from common areas and surfaces. PHI technology is a tested technology that kills the HINI virus on surfaces as well and prevents the spread of the same. Chinese government in the year 2003 had used this technology at 150 locations at subway stations and found it to be very effective and it is made mandatory to install Pure Air Janitor System at subways, airports and government offices to prevent the spread of any epidemic.

Reflective Electro Magnetic Energy (REME) Cell patented by RGF® creates an Advanced Oxidation Process i.e., charging the Hydro-Peroxides commonly known as Ionized Hydro-Peroxides for continuous removal of Particulates (Dust, Dander & Pollen) equal to .3 micron with the existing standard media filters. The standard filter efficiency increases by 73% thereby enhancing the life of fine filters. The REME also destroys the microbial and gases in the same manner as the PHI.

It is normal reaction to question the long term safety of any product that is effective and uses new or ‘breakthrough’ technology. The breakthrough in the RGF Advanced Oxidation technologies is a group of oxidants known as Hydro-Peroxides. Hydro-Peroxides have been a common part of our environment for over 3.5 billion years. Hydro-Peroxides are created whenever three components are present: Oxygen molecules, water vapour and energy. Photohydroionization technology recreates the same environment indoors. Advanced Oxidation products have been successfully used worldwide without a safety problem.

The PHI and REME cells are safe for both human beings and animals as well for the environment. The PHI process has been approved by the USDA-FDA-FSIS for food processing. The process produces advanced oxidation Plasma levels of 0.02 ppm which is well below the levels detectable levels in outside atmosphere.

PHI and REME are known to reduce or eliminate elements like:

Airborne viruses, bacteria or yeast; smoke; spores, fungus, mould; dust, dander & pollen; hydrocarbons; VOCs; Ozone depleting substances; exhaust fumes/paints and odours. The technology is also fast and efficient.

Many air purifiers only purify the air that passes through the device. These results in a large percentage of the room left untreated and unprotected. PHI™ Cell not only treats the air that passes through the device, but it also sends the friendly-oxidizers into the entire room for complete coverage. The technology is also safe, reliable and cost effective.

Advanced Oxidation Process is based on nature’s natural air purifying process. The laboratory tests show inactivation rate of most virus at 99+%. While traditional air purifiers often require frequent media change and regular maintenance this is a zero maintenance product.

PureAir PHI™ system is small, compact, lightweight, easy to install and requires no modification to existing HVAC systems. It also does not require regular cleaning or maintenance.

PHI/ REME Applications

The PHI and REME Technology can widely be used in the following applications

• Airports

• Medical Facilities, Doctor Offices

• Veterinary Hospitals

• Pharma & Bio tech Companies

• Hotels/ Resorts

• Bars/ Restaurants

• Residences/ Luxury villas

• Fruit & Vegetable packing & storage

• Food processing plant

• Refrigerated trucks/ vehicles

• Storage facilities

• Office buildings

• Military tents

• Offshore rigs – living quarters

• Cruise lines/ ships

• Barns


Shikha Singhal Jain
Zeco Environmental Solutions Pvt Ltd


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