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JC-Rao“As far as sweeping machines with petrol powered engine are concerned, the Indian government does not have specific norms for CMVR . In fact, ours petrol driven sweepers are comparatively more economical.” JC Rao, Marketing Head, Alano Motors Pvt Ltd about indigenous ride-on sweepers….

Indian cleaning Industry is still evolving and largely unorganized. While there is an effort at making India a clean country by 2019, the 150th birth anniversary of Mahatma Gandhi, it can’t get completed until we continue remove garbage, debris and unauthorised encroachments from roads, markets and residential places manually. To keep the roads clean, we need to remove lakhs of tonnes of debris on daily basis. This definitely requires the installation of a large number of multi-utility ride-on sweeping machines. Further, there is a need for locally available spare parts and support service to minimize the down-time.


Anticipating this challenges early on, we did a thorough market research for the year 2005-06 and then established Alano Motors in 2008. The company’s aim was to provide a powerful solution to the Indian cleaning Industry by providing most economical / rugged / efficient and a machine with excellent aesthetics, like never before. This was also blended with after sales service of next mark.

Challenges were huge but enjoyable. Never before such a machine was built indigenously. At the outset, the awareness level was to be enhanced among the prospects about the selection of right machines. Based on their individual corporate needs, multiple product demonstrations were essential in showcasing the product deliverables. The unskilled operators were to be trained thoroughly and most importantly the service bench mark was to be challenged by providing swift attention on phone calls. In many cases, the corporate systems or norms were to be ignored in keeping the end user satisfied by stretching ourselves beyond.

Alano’s Industrial ride-on power sweeper

Alano Industrial ride-on power sweeper is equipped with vacuum assisted sweeping brush and is an out of the box indigenised solution in mechanisation of sweeping activity. The product offers an operational cost less than labour in maintaining a clean facility. It can sweep anything from dirt, dust, metal shavings, bolt & nuts, paper, wood pieces, stone pebbles up-to two inches in size, leaves and whatever you want to clean off in your day-to-day life.

Major benefits are:

1. Uniform sweeping across the facility; with multi utility usage

2. Indian machine, hence easy availability of spares and quick service of next mark

3. Simple design leading to lowest cost of operation and maintenance in the industry

4. Lowest initial investment and total costs less than labour on per Sq. Mtr. basis

5. Easy to operate

Alano is designed as a Multi utility Ride on sweeping machine for the first time in the Indian cleaning industry and can be engaged to perform a number of functions within a facility such as:

• Sweeping of Roads, foot paths, common areas & car parking etc

• Waste management or material handling using trailer to carry 700kg of load

• Using a bucket or fork to carry 200kgs of load

With 6.5Hp engine power and 125lt Waste Container capacity, the machine’s turning radius is only about 2.75m and hence it can be utilised on a relatively compact streets too. Due to high ground clearance and design of the machine it can travel on any terrain and climb pavements or ramps. This machine is practically capable of sweeping over 8000sqm area in an hour for less than a litre of petrol fuel. Alano is increasingly regarded as a perfect import substitute by the host of top tier premium clientele from pan India.
While Alano passionately plans to bring in many innovative smart solutions in the future, the team also aims to continue to get recognized as the ethical, dependable and innovative partners at work. Further, the team desires to own the corporate social responsibility by doing the best in serving the general society in future.

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