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Indian Products International Acclaim

[box type=”shadow” ]In the last few years, the progress in the Indian industrial and commercial segments has majorly impacted international traders who have rerouted their expansion plans into this fastest growing economy. At the same time, manufacturers of cleaning products in India have taken long strides to reach ‘Made in India’ cleaning products to international markets. Today, these products are much-sought-after in Europe, Far East, Asia and other continents. Mohana M, Editor-Clean India Journal, interacts with some of these Indian manufacturers who participated in the Interclean show at Amsterdam. [/box]

Interclean show at AmsterdamThe exposure to the international markets has benefitted not only the Indian companies looking at establishing themselves abroad but also the country at large which has made cleaning its national agenda. The Indian cleaning industry has seen many successes with international companies establishing their local subsidiaries in the country, getting into joint ventures and technology transfer agreements, getting Indian manufacturers to produce for international markets and above all Indian manufacturers exploring newer markets with ‘Made in India’ products.

Putting it simply, India today, has all the professional cleaning solutions at its doorstep to make and keep every nook and corner of the country clean. The growth in awareness in cleaning in the wake of Swachh Bharat, increasing requirement for professional cleaning in the industrial and commercial segments and need arising out of international exposure has directly or indirectly influenced the demand for professional cleaning in India. This further has influenced industry stakeholders to provide appropriate solutions in keeping with the requirements of the segments.

Indian manufacturers of cleaning products, while catering to the local requirements, are also looking at expanding beyond borders. Anjana Vij, Founder & Director, and Mohit Vij, Director Marketing & Sales, Kibble Enterprises; Naveen Chauhan, Director, and Bipin Padhi, Director, KC Green Revolution Pvt Ltd; and Varun Karthikeyan R., Managing Director, Roots Multiclean Ltd share their experiences in the international market.

Quality Sells

K.C. Green Revolution: (Centre) Naveen Chauhan & Bipin Padhi

K.C. Green Revolution: (Centre) Naveen Chauhan & Bipin Padhi

The cleaning market is a highly competitive world. Product suppliers from different countries, especially Europe, China and Turkey, bid in the same markets. These markets are price sensitive and quality conscious. What really sells is quality products at competitive prices. “It is in this arena that we find a demand for ‘Made in India’ products,” says Naveen Chauhan, KC Green Revolution, which has participated at the Interclean Show for the second time.

“It is as if the European and Far East and Asian markets have been waiting for India-made products to enter the market and we are able to match and surpass the expectations of users in terms of quality and prices too.”

KC Green, specialises in producing waste receptacles, hygiene bins, dispensers and recently at the Interclean show, it launched it new range of mopping buckets. “Product wise, we have received very good enquiries at this show and buyers are appreciating our products.”

Buying Patterns

Kibble Enterprises: Umesh Vij, Mohit & Anjana Vij

Kibble Enterprises: Umesh Vij, Mohit & Anjana Vij

The Indian Cleaning segment, largely a supplier market, has a handful of companies that are engaged in manufacturing products not only for local consumption but also for the international suppliers. Today, there are international manufacturers and suppliers importing/procuring Made in India products for the global consumers. However, the consumerism and buying patterns largely differ in the European markets.

“We are experiencing the difference in consumer preferences at the Interclean show. In an Indian show, every other visitor would walk into the booth to know and understand the products on display and decide on their purchase. It is a more familiar atmosphere. However, at the European level, buyers come to the show with specific demands and look only for those products. Not everyone walks into the booth.”

Learning Process

Having understood the pulse of the Indian market, exhibiting at an international expo like Interclean opens up an entirely new world. “Here we come to understand the preferences of customers in Europe, Middle East, other Asian countries, Africa and others. It is altogether a new learning experience. We get to know the product specifications required in these countries, the shape, the size, even the price factor… the required customisation to suit the requirements.

Whenever we come the next time we know exactly what we need to showcase; including products that are in popular demand.”

Quality matters are given priority. “For better quality, even if it means one has to pay a little extra, the consumers in the European market are willing to pay.

Growth Potential

Growth PotentialKC Green participated for the first time at Interclean in 2016 when it mainly manufactured dust bins. “But now we have showcased medical sharp containers, new waste bins and feminine hygiene bins, newly launched single-Double-triple bucket trolleys and also urinal screens.”

The focus of KC Green has changed. “We were only into producing products for waste management and were making bins but now we have diversified into the cleaning industry and are making more and more cleaning related products. Next time, we will also bring dispensing units, hand dryers… so that when the customer visits our booth we have all the solutions like some of the other companies here in Europe.

“Exposure to international trends enables us to improve the quality of the products. This we realised when we participated at the Dubai show. We have come far ahead and are able to make the finest quality products,” concludes Naveen Chauhan.

KC Green has a distributor in South Africa and has sold to Kenya, Doha, Dubai, Trinidad and Tobago and other countries, registering an annual growth of over 30%.

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