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Indian requirements deserve Indian laundry machines

Puneet Bhatia, Director, Wonder Clean Equipment Pvt Ltd, which supplies washer extractors, tumble dryers, flat work ironers, finishing machines and more, makes the case for choosing indigenous laundry products.

We manufacture laundry solutions and are promoting made-in-India products for Indian conditions. We have developed our PLCs in India itself. It is a durable component and is ideally suited for Indian clients, with full support from us or the OEM.

Why Made-in-India?

Indian facilities may have to deal with fluctuations in electricity, as well as waterlogging. A manufacturer may stipulate that their product should be used only at a certain voltage, without any fluctuations; practically speaking, this may not be possible. In these circumstances, our machines are more trustworthy.

The focus of a manufacturer of an imported machine is to curtail the weight of the machine, to control shipping costs. Machines need to be more durable, which depends on the structure/body of the machine. Hence, we focus on heavyweight, rugged machines.

More for less

Most imported machines use the pound system. A ‘100 pound’ machine is a 45 kg machine; for the same price, a 60 kg machine can be procured in India. Since one does not use the entire capacity of a machine, the actual capacity used may be even lower. With an Indian machine, one can wash more in a less expensive machine.

Role of automation

For a launderer processing 1-2 tonnes of linen per day, 100% automation may be too expensive to invest in. For those handling 10-20 tonnes, their revenues will permit them to invest in conveyors, robots etc. We are pro-automation, but a country as diverse as India needs a range of options.

Finishing equipment

A launderer’s primary job is washing, but the first thing a customer looks at is the finishing. When handling large volumes, consistent finishing can only be achieved through automated presses. India is a labour-rich country, but there may still be a shortage of skilled labour.

Our PLCs are future-ready, and our machines are compatible with new chemicals that have entered the market.

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